Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon… by Reverend LeeRoy Poem

When He sweeps the bad ones out
then the meek takes the helm
’cause the Son is the ‘Coming’
bringing peace to the realm

If the ‘strong’ stomps the ‘weak’
and ignores all that’s right
then a Hand from above
gonna wield righteous might

‘Cause its man’s twisted actions
pushin’ grief down our throats
and the last time ‘adjustment’
meant mega rain with a few on a boat

There’s a message in this madness
and His Word’s pretty clear
there’s a side you should not take
an ‘adjustment’ you should fear

What I’m sayin’ if you listen
is the ‘wrong’ should take heed
‘cause the world ain’t their oyster
and the meek ain’t their feed

Author Notes

I wake up every morning expecting the News to be new, but it isn't. Division is now the law of the land... Distraction is a twisted path leading to a bottomless pit. We are on a treadmill... we keep running but the scenery doesn't change... BUT... the light is not extinguished just dimmed... Wake up everybody!

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Greg

I like the philosophical bent. Unfortunately the meek often are trodden upon, the victim’s of those who’s morality could fit into a thimble. by Reverend LeeRoy Poem liked this.

Take care an stay safe,


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