Guys invited to Smitty’s poker games always went.

Quiet, nerdy, Smitty, a math genius and secret card shark, ran the company computers. Few knew about his love of poker and railroads.

The red velvet upholstered train car where he lived paid tribute to his hobby. Nellie, his gorgeous girl friend, wore saloon hostess costumes and bent over deeply when she served drinks at the table.

Nobody minded that Smitty always seemed to win. A nice little soul, he never fleeced guys.

His winnings were more than enough to pay for Orient Express trips twice a year.

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12 Comments for “SMITTY’S POKER GAMES”

Anisa Claire


A nice little write, Mary. Definitely seemed like a glimpse into a much larger story. I enjoyed it!

How are you doing these days? Hope you’re getting lots of writing done!


Mary Cooney-Glazer


Thanks, Anisa. Still working on my romance novel & enjoying it. Have had an essay on gardening and a short-short romance accepted for publication. Planning some other writing projects. Best, Mary

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