Slave to the Empire

It was early in the morning hours on the planet Kergenon.  It’s inhabitants lived mostly in a series of villages on an archipelago near the largest continent, about halfway between the equator and northern pole.  Colonists, really, a group of people who’d taken to the stars in search of a place to hide from the growing Galactic Empire.

When their desertion of Pentana Prime was discovered, the group of people were branded as fugitives and traitors to the Empire.  Captain Krylle was assigned the task of locating the colony, and destroying it.

SJ-1226 stood firm in place aboard the landing craft as it descended through the clouds.  His boots held in place by magni-clamps, released at a touch from a pressure sensor in the trooper’s armored gloved hand.  A hand which held tightly to the blaster rifle, safely cradled in his arms.

Upon touchdown, the landing craft’s bay doors opened, and the troops spilled out, blasters filling the air with laserfire and the smell of ozone.  Thermal detonators soon leveled the homes of the populace, the people running in confusion then cut down by the constant stream of blaster-fire from the assaulting troops.

The village was a picture of death and destruction.  Fires raged and bodies littered the ground.  A handful of children, all under the age of five but older than a standard year, were corralled into a holding area and forced to watch as their home and families burned.

SJ-1226 stood watch over the group, feeling sickened by the destruction these children were forced to watch.  They’d be screened, and folded into the Empire.  The trooper thought for a moment about trying to do something, anything, to help these kids, but the thought was short lived as an overwhelming sense of nausea washed over him.  It wouldn’t be long before these children had the same chip implanted in their brains SJ-1226 had.  The one that made them sick when thinking traitorous things about the empire he served.  Soon, these kids would be Slaves to the Empire too.  Unless the trooper could find a way to do something about it.

His last thought before the nausea became too much was of his desire to try.  After taking away their families, he felt he owed them that.

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Author Notes

A little science fiction/fantasy piece I'd been thinking of.

Might be worth expanding. But fun to write just this much, none the less.

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Mary Cooney-Glazer


Good buildup of tension Tim. Vivid imagery, enough descriptive detail to make battle gear and new world believable. Assume the soldier is some sort of human vs a robot with artificial intelligence.. Nice use of a number rather than a name to underline his slave status. i want to read more . Nice job. Mary.

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