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  • No name calling or personal attacks.  This type of behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Maximum of two posts per twenty-four hours, per member.  Recommended to keep each post under 1,500 words
  • Members are required to do a minimum of four reviews per post they publish
  • We ask every member to respond to the reviews they receive as a matter of courtesy
  • Review solicitation is not allowed
  • No copy and paste reviews
  • No plagiarism
  • Failure to adhere to site rules could result in account closure


  • Members are required to do a minimum of four reviews per post they publish
  • When reviewing the work of others, be honest, but be constructive.  Tell them what you liked and didn’t like about their story or poem.  It’s important to give the feedback you’d like to receive.  Comment on things like characters, story development, and detail.  Were things revealed too soon, or did they linger too long on certain elements?  Was the story overly detailed or was it just detailed enough?  Did you connect with the story, or did you find yourself drifting in certain areas? Were there any spelling or grammar issues you noticed?
  • If you like to receive feedback from others then you must also give feedback to others
  • Never attack another member in a review, and don’t use reviews as a source of revenge.  This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated
  • This is a community site designed for growth and learning, a place to feel comfortable sharing your work and receiving honest feedback from others

 Replying to Reviews

  • When you reply to a review you’ve received, use this opportunity to thank the reviewer and to clarify any points you don’t understand.  It’s okay to use the replying section to converse in a constructive, friendly way
  • Do not attack the reviewer for any reason.  Not everyone will like your writing, and that’s okay.  Attacking another member will result in your account being closed.
  • Responding to a review will also send an email notification to the reviewer, letting them know you’ve seen and responded their feedback.

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