Swirling in a sea of Shandy,
Trying to maintain balance
As the waves of despair ascend.
Another shot would put an end
To the paralysis about to begin.

The Pomegranate hit is just too
Much for a fragile system to endure.
Allowing my ego to stand in for the
Truth, I must put on a show for the masses.
Failing to do so, would hurt the ego.

Knowing that pulse rate has risen,
The stars within view, blurry, ashen and
Out of focus, the end is so very near.
The level of intoxication is critical,
Another soul has been taken for show…

Author Notes

Feeling lost among the masses, only hope is a drink and other chemicals to keep going, to get up in the morning.

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Hello Eric,

This is a million people’s story, and I enjoyed the way you told it. The ego gets humans in trouble, as you demonstrate in this relevant writing.

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