Sell Yourself, Not Your Product

written by Anisa A. Claire

Sell Yourself, Not Your Product

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Self-publishing is a massive undertaking. You are not only responsible for writing your story, but for everything else from laying out the PDF to finding an audience. It’s not impossible, though, and one thing to consider is what you’re selling. Of course, the obvious answer is… your novel. The other major part of this equation is you. You will be selling yourself, as well. Here’s why it’s important…

Have you ever gone on a page and noticed a bazillion sales posts? And then promptly left that page, never to return again? We all have. There is nothing worse than relentless, personality-less ‘BUY MY STUFF’ posts. It’s not unlike going to a garage sale where the person hosting it follows you around with a bag, asking you why you’re not taking this or that. This tactic is too pushy and rarely works. The same goes for the online world.

This is where selling yourself comes in. You need to sell people on you, as a person, while you’re selling them on your product, too. People want connection and entertainment, not a cold, sterile environment. You have to give them something they will remember, so they are more likely to come back, and you definitely want them to come back.

Be personable. Reach out. Reply to people who take the time to comment on your posts. Show them who you are through sharing things that you find interesting or that matter to you. Keep it interesting and get creative on ways to bring those posts, periodically, back to what you’re selling. And what you’re selling, of course, is your writing, but don’t always include a sales link. Post things that make people want to know more. When they want to know more, they will inquire. When they ask, that is a perfect opportunity for you to show or tell them where they can find your books.

Don’t allow your entire focus to be sell, sell, sell. Think ‘connect’ first and ‘sell’ second. The more naturally you let things happen, the better the results. Always remember that behind the profile pages are real people. They don’t want to have things crammed down their throats, and rightfully so. They aren’t just a bank account… they are a real person who quite possibly will end up supporting your ventures as a writer or an artist. Those potential customers are the backbone to what you’re doing, so treat them accordingly. That is a major part of selling yourself, simply showing that you aren’t only interested in their money, but them as a person, too.

I understand you’re busy. We all are. However, if you want to make your dream a reality, it’s going to be a lot of work, passion, and energy. All of that will pay off in the long run, though, and even if you don’t become a millionaire you will still learn a lot. Not only will you learn a lot, you’ll meet a lot of awesome people along the way. The interactions, feedback, and support will give you the energy to keep going.

So, remember… don’t just sell your book. Sell your personality, too. Best of luck to you all and I sincerely hope you find success in your journey.

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