SegaVex Part Three



I can’t believe this, there’s no way that Sara is a Fatumare. It means bringer of death and destruction, and that’s not Sara.

“Lord Alexander, there must be a mistake!”

The king raises his hand to silence me.

“Protectors take him away, you will begin your training at once.”

Two huge guys grab me by the arms and drag me away. I try to fight, but they’re too strong. How can Lord Alexander do this to Sara, she’s his daughter. He’s always treated me like a son, but he loved Sara more than anything in this world. I have to find out what would happen to her, she’s my best friend.

I try to break free, but the guard on my left whispers in my ear.

“There’s nothing you can do now boy, time will tell her fate.”

He sounds sure of it. His voice sounds familiar. We get to the end of the hall, and he removes his helm. It was so cool. Each piece unlocks and shifts until I can see his face.

“You’re Adam Caster, you were two years ahead of us. I wondered what happened to you.”

He was the cool older guy that liked to hang out with us younger kids. I heard he got sent to the Fatum, I’m glad I was wrong.

“Yep, I missed ya kid. We had some good times, but now we’re in the real world. And it’s a dark and scary place. We’re the light within the darkness, the keepers of peace, the guardians of Patria, and the shield to protect SegaVex. We serve the one true king and savior Alexander Cornelius Vaine.” He says with pride.

“How can you follow a man that would condemn his own daughter?” I ask angrily.

“Listen boy, have you ever seen The Fatum?” he asks.

“No.” I reply.

“That’s what I thought, so shut up and listen. I would rather follow our crazy king, than to live in that hell. You can’t imagine the horrors there. Why do you think the architects left this world? Because the same things that live in the Fatum, are the same things that drove em off. Somehow Alexander found a way to keep em at bay. My best guest would be that everyone he sends there is some kind of sacrifice. Ain’t no one ever made it out of the Fatum, alive anyways. I’ve only ever seen one of those beasts, an it was enough to make me shit me self.”

I look around trying to soak it all in, to no avail.

“Come on lad, training time is here for ya.” He says while pulling me towards the gate.

As we walk through the archway I can hear sounds of gunfire and metal clanking. The soldiers on the training grounds have amazing armor and weapons. They have these pistols that shoot bullets around walls, and blades that emit electricity. They all have helms like Adam, just in different designs. Adam guides me to the arms master.

“This here is Pug, we call him that cuz he got a face like dog. He’ll be ya arms man. Blades, guns and ammo. Not much else he good for.”

I kept waiting for Adam to get punched, but the big guy just stared on past us.

“He a little slow mate, but he follows us. To a certain degree that is. Now let’s get you some rook gear.”

“Rook?” I asked.

“Yeah as in rookie. New guy and such. We’ll start ya off with a starter cannon, with a dull casallian blade. And all rooks get bronze armor, you gotta earn the gold lad.”

Before I could ask any questions he handed me my gear and kept walking.

“These here are our commons, hurry up and gear up. We ain’t got all day Rhodey.”

“I remember when you used to call me that.” I said.

“Yea yea yea, we’ll return down memory lane later. Get ya ass in there and gear up boy.”

I went inside the commons room and took off my citizen clothes, never knowing if I’d see them again. The armor was heavy, but Adam insisted that it would get lighter as we’d go on. We spent the day practicing on my aim, and working on my blade work. Let me tell you, that damn armor never got lighter. At the end of the day we had a decent meal, and when it came to lights out I was overjoyed. I got into my little cot and went to sleep. Five hours later Adam jerked me out of bed.

“Rise and shine rook! It’s a glorious new day, which means it’s your first day of hell!” He yelled and then smiled from ear to ear.

“You’re an asshole you know that?” I said groggily.

“My mother’s dying words” He said while laughing.

He took me to the training grounds where went spent most of the day. We did vigorous workouts and training exercises. I wanted to drop dead by the end of the day. I had to stay strong, maybe I could take what I learn here and go save Sara. Oh my God I have to know what happened to Skyler.

“Hey Adam, do know the full results from the testing?” I asked.

“Sorry lad I don’t, but he might.” He pointed to a guy with the same armor as me on. “Rook came in not long after you yesterday. I think is name is Sebastian or something.”

I quickly ran to him, he was eating dinner. I spun him around so fast he hit me in the nose.

“Dammit Bass!” I yelled.

“Sorry Dave, didn’t know it was you. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you yet.”

I quickly got up and asked, “What happened to Sara and Skyler?”

“I don’t know, before Sara got the chance to choose, the king called me to go next for testing. As soon as I got out, Skyler went in crying and Sara was gone. They threw me in here before I could see what happened next. Trust me I wanna know what happened to Sara just as much as you.” He said almost tearing up.

I put my hand on his shoulder and say “I’m sorry about your brother, he was a dick, but he doesn’t deserve to be in the Fatum.”

“My brother only cared about himself, that’s why he and Cecile got along so much. Thing is they care so much about themselves, I don’t see how they could care about
each other.” He says before taking a sip of water.

“I saw the way Cecile reacted to him going, she didn’t even blink. There was no sadness or anger. More like relief, like she wanted him to go.” Before I can say more, I see Adam walking over to us.

“Alright rooks, it’s time for an honorable execution.”

“WAIT WHAT? Who is getting executed?” I ask.

“I don’t member a name kid” he replied

I grab his arms and push him against the wall. “Was it Sara?” I ask.

“No, I think it was sky something. I don’t know why?” he stammered.

I back away from him shaking and about to drop. My head is spinning and my heart is sinking into my stomach. What am I gonna do?

“David hold it together man, Adam we have to sit him down.”

Bass trys to get me to sit down, but I can see everyone going to the main chambers. I bolt past them, and I can hear them chasing after me. I have to save Skyler, I love her.

“Don’t do this David!” Bass yells.

I keep running until I reach the main chambers. I freeze when I see her, chained to the ground. There is a cage in front of her, and it’s shaking violently. Whatever lies inside is going to break out and kill Skyler. I’m not going to let that happen.

Author Notes

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Zach, great continuation. I like how you’re shifting POV’s in this. Great way to expand the story. It’s a great way to get the reader invested in more than one character, more quickly.

I few nits, but mostly punctuation. Might be worth one more edit:

* “You’re Adam Caster, you were two years ahead of us. I wondered what happened to you.” (,” I said.) The quote marks confused me until I realized it was the narrator saying them.

* “… you gotta earn the gold (comma) lad.”

* “You’re an asshole (comma) you know that?” I said groggily.

* “Bass trys (tries) to get me to sit down, …”

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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