SegaVex Part One



Earth was our home, a long time ago. I remember the elders saying how blue the water was, and how trees flourished. All I remember is the dirt, and face masks. We lived in a dank dusty old apartment complex, a living hell. The walls were cracked from multiple earthquakes, and the floors were always covered in dirt. Our windows were blackened out so we couldn’t see the devastation outdoors.

I don’t miss it, I just wish I could’ve seen the old world. I remember when they first announced that they found a new planet. Two scientists were sent to observe it, what they found amazed us all. They found a beautiful vibrant paradise, perfectly habitable for humans.

The one thing that blew our minds, was that there was already a civilization there. Huge monuments and buildings more amazing than anything on earth spread across the beautiful landscape. Water so clear it looked like wavy glass.

The last thing they said made my heart fly out my chest, they had billions of trees. There was just one thing missing, people. There was no sign of the architects of this amazing civilization. It was extremely strange that everything was left in perfect condition. All I knew was that I had to get my family there.

Being one of the few doctors left on Earth gave me a pretty good chance of sending me and my daughter there. I didn’t expect them to make me a leader. My daughter and I were the first on the shuttle, they even gave me the honor of naming the planet. I named it after an old video game company and my old dog Vex.

The shuttle ride over was amazing, and so beautiful.Arriving on the planet was quite nerve wracking, I was really afraid it wouldn’t be as great as they said it was. I was wrong, very wrong. It was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. My daughters face lit up like a Christmas tree, my sweet Sara hasn’t been happy for a long time.

“It’s been a longtime since I saw you smile baby girl.”

She hugged me after I said that, she hasn’t hugged me for awhile either. She’s had it rough since her mother passed away, but this place is just what she needs. Our lives are going to be a lot better.

“Dad, I wish mom could see this,” she said teary eyed.

“Darling she’s always watching you. She is in her own paradise, and now so are you.”

I gave her a big hug, and wiped away a tear from her cheek. “Our lives start now.”

Before I could say anything else, we hit the atmosphere, and we hit it hard. Even with safety belts on, it was terrifying. All we could see as we looked out the window was fire. I closed my eyes as much as I could, the violent shaking made me sick. I had to keep them open to make sure Sara was okay. To my disbelief she was, my daughter was eerily calm. It scared me more than the roller coaster type journey we were on. As I looked around, everyone was scary relaxed. That’s when I saw what they were all looking at.

The front window of the shuttle was clear enough to see through, and the view was breathtaking. The planet looked beyond anything I could’ve expected, I completely lost the feeling of plummeting to my death.

We landed quite smoothly. My heart was pounding right out of my chest I was so excited, yet completely terrified of what could be waiting. After taking several deep breathes, I unhooked my safety belt and got ready to exit the shuttle. I noticed Sara hadn’t got up yet, her hands were shaking.

I walked over to her and asked, “Are you alright baby girl?”

She replied, “Yeah dad, just a little scared.”

Her hands shaking more and more. “What if it’s not really safe? Can we survive here?”

I put my hands on her shoulders. “Look into my eyes, I would never let anything happen to you. If it was dangerous to be here, we wouldn’t be on this shuttle. Anything on this planet is better than back on Earth. Trust me darling, I will protect you from any and all harm.”

I kissed her forehead, and unhooked her seat belt. I held her hand as we walked off the shuttle, that’s when it hit me.                                                                                                      

The smell of grass, I’ve never smelled anything better. The sound it made under my feet was so delightful. The breeze hitting my face sent chills down my spine.
The thing that truly took my breath away, was the hundreds of beautiful vibrant trees in front of us.

“Hello Mr. Vaine, My name is Ilgor Isaac.” I turned to find a tall slender man in a dark red suit, smiling a cheesy smile. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you, and this must be Sara.”

He crouched down and extended his arm out to give Sara a handshake. She backed away a little.

“Sara Jean, don’t be rude.”

“No it’s okay, you’ve had a long journey and must be pretty jet lagged. You don’t need to be afraid of me little miss, I have a little girl too. You two should have a play date, her names Skyler.”

He made her smile a little at that. He had a charm to him, but also something seemed off about him.

“Well Mr. Vaine…”

“You can call me Alexander.” I corrected.

“Right, well Alexander, we have a lot to discuss. Did they give you any details on your position here?”

“Uh no not quite, it all happened pretty fast. To be honest my head is still spinning.”

He laughed at that, a really annoying ass kissing laugh.

“Well then, you are tasked with being the head councilor of the Patria.”

“The what?” I asked confused.

“I’m sorry, it means home, it’s Latin. It is our capital, our citadel if you will. You could say it’s our new Washington D.C.”

“Wait you want me to lead an entire planet?” My head started to spin.

“Alex, we have had our eyes on you for a long time. You are one of the smartest human beings left, and after your wife’s death you were able to hold your life together. You are a strong person, capable of anything. We all believe you can lead us, we need you to lead us.”

As he finished speaking another shuttle touched down.

“Where are all the other shuttles?”

“There are no others, only two shuttles were built. Sadly we had to leave a majority of the human population to die, but it was a necessary evil. We have brought along enough of us to repopulate, do not mourn them, they sacrificed themselves for our future.”

I looked at him stupefied. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. All those people died so we could live, billions of people will never see this paradise.

“How could you do such a thing!?”

“Easy Alex, in time you will understand why we did what we did. Would you really have rather let Sara die a horrible death like her mother? I give you a chance to keep your daughter safe, I urge you to take it.”

His charm quickly turned to malice. I shut my mouth, knowing that I’d do anything to keep my daughter safe.

“That’s better, now I would like to welcome you both to the wonderful world of SegaVex!”

Author Notes

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Zachariah Barry


Hey very well written! Only suggestion would maybe to switch up with Alexander meets Ilgor and instantly thinks something is off about him. Maybe instead of saying that outright you could say something like, “there was something in his gaze which made Alexander uncomfortable.”
That’s all I have, well done!

Raymond Tobaygo


Good evening, Zack

Interesting…for the good of the few many had to die. The flow, imagery and character interaction were good. Looking forward to see where this leads your main character too.

daughter(‘)s face lit up
could see this(,).” (s)She
Predator and Jurassic Park, ..a time line problem..if you character is leaving Earth, and he remembers what the elders told him about it, wouldn’t seeing both movies take place at a much earlier time?

annoying ass(-)kissing laugh.

“How could you do such a thing((!?)” To show he’s shouting you can Cap all words or leave the exclamation point

Take care and stay safe,



Zach, I like where this is heading. Looks like this is going to get terrifying, quickly. Your main character seems to be up to the challenge, though.

Couple of recommendations:

* “My daughters (daughter’s) face…”

* “…her names (name’s) Skyler.”

Keep up the good writing – can’t wait to read the next part!

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