An infinite number of suns above
Give life to worlds I’ll never love
On Earth I look up in awe
A myriad of possibilities at my door
Are we the centre of it all
Like an actor’s final call
As I look up who looks down
Another being with a searcher’s frown
Viewing the timeless wastes of space
At an immature form called the human race

Author Notes

What with our best yet glimpse of Jupiter this last week I thought it quite apt to post an early piece of mine about our celestial surround.

10 Comments for “Searching”

Tim Hillebrant


Your poem here reminds me of something Dr. Carl Sagan talked about in his landmark series, “Cosmos” from the early 1980’s. It talks about our search to find other intelligent life, and our readiness as a species to do so. Deep thinking- and a great show.
One they remade not too long ago, Dr. Neil Degrasse-Tyson was the host- and it made regular tribute to both Carl and the original show.
You should take a look- fits right into this.


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