The true poor lacks

 Not money or maybacks

To posess it all and stil be have nots.

So short on insight

Too blind to see

Their measurless worth to humanity.

You wake up on the wrong side or town

The subsidised apartment so run down.

You curse your fate , you race bait

Your heavy heart you pack with hate.

Real wealth is that beating heart

A stranger giving you a start

The air you breathe

The light of day

A sing along as you make your way.

Be careful with your heart some more

The air , the sea and the shore

As with these lack we are truly poor.

Author Notes

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reigny dai


Excellent poem.
Did you mean Maybach, the car brand? If so, it would be capitalized…unless you’re exercising poetic license. (smile)
The third line is the most powerful, and says it all.


Interesting social commentary with a great call to action: people and experiences are to be valued more than things.

‘Maybacks’.. never heard of that word before.


Claudine, loved this! Happiness definitely is found within, and has nothing to do with material possessions. Great message.

As for nits, I found none that weren’t already covered. Great job!

Write on!

Anisa Claire


Hi Claudine,

Great poem. The comparison of what is happening/being felt/thought in the start of the poem to what the true meaning of happiness shows well. It’s hard for most people to see beyond the measure of material wealth to see that happiness isn’t always about money. Though, shelter/food, etc is, of course, a necessity.

and stil(l) be

wrong side or (of?) town

Last line reads a little off to me. I understand what you’re trying to say in it, but it doesn’t quite work the way it’s written, in my opinion.


Lack. This is a very strong word to me. The sense of lack that drives people to be so unhappy. And, it’s not about money or wealth or things. It’s what’s inside of them, the empty hearts, the heartless minds. You paint it well here, Claudine.

A few typos:
-To (possess) it all and (still) be have nots.
-You wake up on the wrong side (or) town *Do you mean of? Or, would work, too, if that is what you mean.

Write On!

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