REFLECTION, SHADOW, AND FANGS (A parody on the Mother Goose rhyme ‘Winken, Blinken, and Nod’)

Reflection, Shadow, and Fangs one night
Flew off in a crate of doom,
Flew off into clouds that held no light,
Under the blood-red moon

“Where are you going, and what will you hunt?”
The ancient moon asked the three,
“We have come to drink of the faery stars
We’ve hungered long for thee;
We offer death and immortality!”
Said Reflection,
And Fangs.

The blood-moon laughed and sang a song
As they rocked in the crate of doom,
And the wings that soared them all night long
Ruffled the winds of gloom,
The little stars were the faery homes
That lived in the moon’s night sky,
Now spread your death and bring forth new life
From the faeries that soon will die-
The stars heard the vampire cry;
From Reflection,
And Fangs.

All night long they drank and flew
Amongst stars dripping in blood-
Then down from the skies came the crate of doom
Bringing the vampires home;
Twas all so brilliant a flight it seemed
As if it could not be,
And some folks thought twas a nightmare they’d dreamed
Of faery stars bleak and bloody-But I shall name you the vampires three;
And Fangs.

Reflection and Shadow are illusive companions,
And Fangs is the winged beast,
And the crate of doom that sailed the skies
Is the coffin out of which they feast,
So shut your eyes while your father sings
Of the faeries turned vampires that night,
And you shall see the dreadful things
As you rock in blood-moon skies,
In a coffin of vampire eyes;
And Fangs.

©2015 Rebecca Braun All rights reserved.


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Tim Hillebrant


Hey Becky!

I loved this piece, and thought it a perfect parody. You’ve got a great imagination for the frights fantastic, and you’ve done an awesome job letting it loose in this poem.


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