When you came to be
So beautiful like a precious jewel
I grinned from ear to ear
My wife turned to me and said,
“Close you mouth, fool.”

Then you grew older
And you went off to grade school
I was crazy protective
Standing outside the building,
so very un-cool

You grew into a young lady
Beauty, grace and very smart
Young girls wanted to be like you
Gentlemen and thugs wanted your heart.

These young men, some were bold and called
You know that’s a game I never play
So I reached out to a tech nerd
he hooked it up
To record each and every word they would say.

Later in life, you meet David on the quad
He’s very high on the hubby meter
You said “Daddy I want to marry him”
He said “She’s a wonder, sir I would never cheat her
she’s the finest I ever saw”
Rebecca, I looked into your eyes and then I spoke
“Come on in son-in-law”.

Author Notes

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Charles

Very touching and an excellent view of how a father appreciates and enjoys his daughter’s maturation. Well done!

I too raised two young ladies.

Take care and stay safe,


Tim Hillebrant


Aww, I liked this, Charles.
Very well written, and very heartfelt.
An enjoyable read, all the way through.


Quite the obsessive love this father has for his daughter. Very protective, to spy on her on the internet like that. I guess it is more common for parents to do that, now-a-days. Raising children is hard, especially when you love and want to protect them from the many evils of our society. I love how the father gives his consent to his daughter to marry.

Also, I love the name Rebecca!

Write On!

charles stone


Thanks, Becky. Haha. I never thought about you having the same name of my daughter. For whatever reason it never clicked. Thanks for reading. Obsessive??

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