Rainfall echoes on dark, lonely streets,
my heart falls in rhythm with each watery beat.
In rivulets of sadness, a river is born,
shadows of yesterday lost in the storm

Each puddle, a memory, each trickle, a dream.
A tryst with a lover, an inside out scream.
Perhaps we are destined, intended to be,
Caught in the riptide, carried out to the sea.

Full of intentions and random remorse,
the storm in my heart beats a dangerous course.
Battered and broken, tossed up on the shore,
like flotsam and jetsam, I lay on Earth’s floor.

Mingling with tears, the rain cold on my face,
the darkness within tightens up its embrace.
Each moment of memory, each minute of time,
each scar that’s reopened, plays back in my mind.

If I hadn’t met you on that fateful day,
If you hadn’t told me to come in and stay,
‘If onlys’ are all that I have to explain,
But it’s never enough, as I stand in the rain.

Author Notes

Another older poem saved from being lost in cyberspace...

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