Just wanted to take a second to remind you all of the other awesome contests and challenges we have going on right now! Take a minute to browse through them…

Also, we have free writing tips and prompts! Check them out here…

We love to socialise at Writer’s Carnival, so be sure to update your status here and there so we can see what you’re up to and how you’re doing!

And last, but certainly not least, we’d love to see some stories, poems, articles or blog entries you’ve been writing! Definitely post some pieces for review here…

Glad to see you all here today and the next challenge will be up shortly! Give us a ‘heck yeah’ if you’re kicking-off 2017 ‘write’ this year and getting lots of words onto paper (or if you at least plan to!) And if you’re having fun today at Power Hour!

THE LAST CHALLENGE IS COMING UP SHORTLY! HANG IN THERE! YOU’RE DOING AWESOME! And thanks for joining us for POWER HOUR today! Huge thanks to Dave Allen for writing out all the challenges!!!

~Writer’s Carnival

P.S. – A Long Story Short is always open for submissions, too! Check it out at www.alongstoryshort.net 

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Anisa Claire


Well… heck yeah! I am actually getting a lot of writing done this year, which feels great after not writing much last year 😀

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