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A Snow Pal!

  • Write a poem, style of your choosing, about a snowman.


Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes

87 Comments for “POWER HOUR – CHALLENGE TWO”

L.E. Gibler


Where there is snow,
And a will,
There must be a way.

To make a friend,
In the cold,
A carrot and hat will do.

Don’t name him Frosty,
Or even Olaf,
Try for something new.

(Sorry, my internet went missing for about ten minutes…probably from all of the snow:)


Walkin’ with my man
made of snow and string and spam
Fingers cold as ice
But he sure smells nice

We head out to the lake
more snowmen we will make
I’ve got the gingerbread and coal
carrots and a stoll

We ice skate on the frozen water
my snowman dips and sways
No more lonely days
His smile is like a blaze

We dance along the shore
stopping here and there
to make one more
lots of snowy folks
now join us in our coats

Can’t beat a snowy man
later on he takes my hand
sneak a kiss behind a snowbank
and my face feels like snow cake

Love my snowy man
Yes, I do
All is well and bright
With my snowman
On this snowy night

Travis Baribeau


They called him Big Frosty Joe
He was build with jimmy’s back ho
He stood fifteen feet tall
But took a great fall
Now joe is just cold H2O


you think you are perfect
cold and clean without defect
glistening glossy deep eyes
perpetuating glossy lies
in a little while you will know
you are only molded snow
when the warmth of the sad sun
clenches you pathetic run

charles stone


Y’all know I don’t do poetry.
Top Hat
Sitting smartly
Charcoal eyes
Shining brightly
Carrot nose
Like Pinocchio
And a corncob pipe
To smoke

Stephanie Anders


My pipe is too high.
My scarf is too tight.
My buttons are made from fruit loops, 7 pieces high.
Giggles and laughter all around.
It’s all fun and games until the sun sets high.

Gregory Shipman


Very descriptive… and very sad when the sun reaches it’s noon position… here’s a new song… It’s now Sunshine and he’s Gone… sing it Stevie!


Frosty white from his head to his toes,
With a crispy carrot for a nose.
Button eyes that beguile
And coal in his smile,
He’s the new friend you made out of snow!


There once was an old man names Joe,
Who was made completely of snow.
On a warm day he felt
Himself starting to melt
And he said “Damn, this does certainly blow.”

Gregory Shipman


Got a nose like a carrot
Got eyes shiny coal
Got a head sized like basketball
ain’t lookin’ for no goal
Arms from an oak tree
stripped of leaves they’re a branch
Ain’t no legs on my bottom
so I got a rocky stance
Better get all my valuables
and put them under lock
’cause I’m the only white dude
on this whole entire block!

Anisa Claire


**How can you tell poetry isn’t my strong suit?? Hahahaha**

My fluffy snowman
Round balls for parts, carrot nose
Melts in the sunshine


Frosty was a snowman
With a carrot for his nose
He stood outside my window
In grandpas dirty old clothes

He stood there all through winter
Until the sun did arose
And now outside my window
Frosty does not get to pose

Tim Hillebrant


Making snowmen in winter’s glow.
Standing upright in newfallen snow.
They’ll stand in silence upon the hill.
Long after we’ve gotten our winter’s fill.
The grin of coal, a carrot nose.
Will lay the ground at winter’s repose.
But come to life again next year
As the wheels turn, and nature steers.

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