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Romance in the Snowflakes

  • Write a romantic scene, no more than 150 words, taking place in a winter scene.


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Author Notes


L.E. Gibler


The snow continued to swirl as Thea struggled back to the inn, thinking only of Ben. He didn’t even bother to say a word as he opened the door at her approach. Instead, he half lifted her over the threshold, and together they stumbled towards the nearest fire.

“Is it over?” he asked.

She nodded, suddenly sleepy. “It’s just you and me now.”

Not trusting himself to speak, he settled for pressing his lips against her still frozen hair. It was Thea who first noticed their being utterly alone. Tired and cold though she was, there was a sparkle of the devil in her eyes as she looked up at him. “My grandmother would never know if we had our wedding night here.”

Without giving a second thought to the full list of repercussions that would come from such a suggestion, he pulled her close and kissed her soundly.


(Yeah, I blew way past the word limit…)

Jim dusted the snow off his seat and settled in, beer in hand, for a long afternoon. New England was a two-touchdown favorite, and they’d already beaten the Bills once this year. As The Pats completed three straight passes, Jim barely noticed the blond scooting into the seat next to him. He finally took notice during a time out, and leaned over.

“’Scuse me, I think you’re in the wrong seat.”

“Nah,” she slurred back. “Tom’s my brother. He gave me his ticket.” She chugged her plastic cup of Miller Lite and signaled the vendor for another.

Just then the crowd erupted in boos; the opponents scored on a 40-yard pass. Jim’s new seatmate grabbed his jacket. “Do you believe that crap?!” She threw her still full beer towards the field, drenching fans for four rows up, following up by yelling “Brady sucks!” at the top of her lungs.

Suddenly she leaned into Tom. “Oh God, I think I’m going to throw up. Hold my hair.”

Tom held her blond locks as she searched the ground for an empty cup or bag to puke ito. “I hope this game last forever,” he thought. “I think I’m in love.”

Tim Hillebrant


Nice, Dave!! I loved this. I think you nailed it.

I like that I”m not the only one to shattered the word limit.

Travis Baribeau


“The snow is absolutely perfect, my love. I haven’t been able to do this as much as I’d hoped in last while. What with work and tommy screwing up the …… oh, wait, no talking about work. I made a promise, sweetly, and I will keep that promise, no work talk. Look at you, you’re so perfect, so warm. And my god I love the way you smell, brings back the best of memories. I even went right out of my way to find the perfect patch of light, fluffy snow for this, my dear. I feel like we’re ready. I’m just going to slowly roll you on a bit of a tilt … that’s it baby, let it spread all around. I’m glad I didn’t cheap out on you, you’re just so golden sweet. I’d say the guy was right, the finest Maple Syrup money can buy. There, you’re beautiful. Now where did I put my spoon …..”

Tim Hillebrant


LOLOL- Well done, travis. One should not skimp on their maple syrup. Or bacon, for that matter. Hmmm…now I’ve a hankerin’ for candied bacon with maple sugar.


I remember walking through the snow on a shining winter night. We had just come from the movies and were walking home to his house. A long winter stroll and he took my hand. We stopped on the sidewalk underneath a dimly lit street lamp and he kissed me ever so gently. He handed me a rose. It was our first anniversary of being to together. And he sang me a song. Billy Joel’s “Honesty”. How I wish that moment could have lasted forever. But, Instead I foolishly broke his heart. Life has moved on at a different pace. And sometimes, I linger in my memory of this boy, so perfect, and I wonder what the years would have been like with him. I can still feel his kiss. And I miss it years and years later. It was such a beautiful night.

Tim Hillebrant


Ahh, I remember a time somewhat similar to this- from years ago. A night spent trying to get a girls attention, and just when I had it, I lost my confidence and let it go.
sometimes I still wonder- what if? Well done, Becky!


I blushed as I looked up at the person who had knocked me down. A minute ago I was skating on the lake, the next lying flat on the ice staring into the eyes of the boy I’d had a crush on forever. His face was just as red as mine as he scrambled to his feet, hiding something behind his back.

“What’s that?” I asked, standing up too.

“Nothing.” But he slipped and a rose fell from his back pocket.

“Is that…?”

He blushed deeper as he picked it up. “For you? Yes.”

I grinned as he handed it to me. The feeling of his kiss on my cheek made my heart race.

“You wanna go out with me tomorrow?” he asked shyly. I nodded.

“Yes, but let’s stay on solid ground.”

Tim Hillebrant


I looked at her there, staring after the tail-lights disappearing in the distance. Tear drops freezing on her rosy cheeks, as she exhaled plumes of moist, heated breath. Her boyfriend, and latest attempt to find love in all the wrong places, was gone.

As her best friend, she’d asked me to drive her here, to ask Sheldon for one more chance to make things work. Now he was gone. I could hear her heart breaking from where I stood, twenty yards away.

I moved forward now, carefully draping a blanket over her shaking frame. She started, then turned to me. Fresh tears started to fall.

“He’s gone.” Was all she said.

“Yes,” I replied. There wasn’t anymore I needed to say.

Then Michelle tilted her head to one side, and narrowed her eyes. “You’ve always been there for me. Even when I was cold and distant, or clearly involved with someone else.”

Feeling suddenly uncomfortable, and with a fearful lump in my throat, I nodded. “Yes.”

“Will, why would you do that? What possible reason could you have?”

I didn’t want to dump more on her. Not when she was so newly heartbroken. Yet I knew Michelle well enough to know she’d press on until I answered. So, I looked at a spot just above her head, and my vision blurred even as I tried to stop the tears from forming.

“Because I love you. I always have. I always will.”

Anisa Claire


The frost in the trees twinkles as the sun shines down. Toboggan’s whiz by me as I climb the hill, trying to get to the top before the crowd behind me. I slip and fall, crashing down onto my crazy carpet and begin zipping down the hill in circles.

At the bottom, my body collides with another sled rider and we both get laid out on the ground.

“I’m s-so sorry,” I say, shocked from the ride and the impact.

He smiles softly, grabbing my hand and asks, “Hey? That was awesome! Let’s ride down together this time!”

I feel myself blush and nod my head. “Let’s go! First one to the top is a rotten bananna!” and take off sprinting before he even has a chance to get up.

Gregory Shipman


Ain’t nothin’ like colliding love-to-be. If you don’t mind I’ll watch you two from the comfort of the snow lodge where the chocolate is hot and the fire is crackly!

Gregory Shipman


I watch as she walks away. Even in this forty below she has me boiling over. I still taste her kiss on my lips and even through our parkas we felt the heat of passion exploding. Even as she opens the door to her SUV she turns to me with promise in her eyes, she mouths the words… I Love You. I watch as the words form ice clouds as they float away. As she drives away I shake the snow from my bald scalp and head towards my house. Alaskan winters now show promise…

Anisa Claire


Awwweeee! “I watch as the words form ice clouds as they float away.” I love that part! Lol. Ah, yes. Frozen winter love… nice and steamy!

Tim Hillebrant


There has to be a way stay warm during those cold, cold winters up there. Looks like you found it. Well done!!


Cooccooned between the covers
Entwined we two lovers
The cold outside
We blissfully deride

Inside our warm embrace
We lie here face to face
Oblivious to all
Except our lovers call

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