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  • We’re only a few days away from Groundhog Day. Imagine Phil pokes his head above ground to find he’s not in Punxsutawney anymore. Where is he, and what does he see? No more than 150 words.

Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes


Travis Baribeau


Phils an old boy now and today’s his big day
All eyes are watching to see what he’ll say
His fur is fresh shiny, all prim and neat
He’s fed his fav breakfast, a once a year treat

Now off to the hole where they all stand and wait
He scampers and scurries, does not dare to be late
Was it left right right down? or right up left down?
Cause the path splits in three and phil’s left with a frown

He goes with his gut and runs here and there
Only to Find he’s going nowhere
So it’s back to the start cause it’s almost Tuesday
This is why practice is needed each day

Tim Hillebrant


“Bugs? Where are we? I don’t think this is Punxsutawney.”
“Dang, I missed that left turn at Albuquerque,” the rabbit said, consulting his map.
“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, either.”
“You know, Phil, I think you’re right about that. I have a bad feeling about this.”
“Why’s that, Bugs?”
“Because there’s a frog with ears over there, in a mud hut, and he looks hungry.”
“What’s that sign say?”
“Bugs, how did you whisk us to a place so far, far away?”
“I bought this map from a feller in the Three Broomsticks.”
“That pub up in Hogsmeade?”
“Yeah, why?”
“That explains it all!”


Phil staggered up across the burrow, his head pounding. As soon as the cameras shut off, he’s going to have to remember exactly what happened last night. Best he could remember, it was a hell of a party.

Seeing the literal light at the end of the tunnel, Phil squinted and pushed his head above ground. He blinked. There was not only now snow, there was… nothing. No cameras, no people. He knew damn well it was Groundhog Day. He turned in every direction; the scenery looked vaguely familiar but it certainly wasn’t Punxsutawney.

“Think, man, think. What did you drink last night?”

A shrill voice echoed from the other end of the tunnel. “Put some clothes on, for God’s sakes. You’re embarrassing me.”

Phil turned around to see his ex-wife standing in the shadows, wearing a wrinkled negligee. “Come back to bed, hon… it’s still early.”

Phil choked back a mouthful of vomit. “Oh God. Kill me kill me kill me kill me…”


“Grunt, grunt,” the groundhog dug his way up the tunnel. He searched for air and light above ground. “Ha, ha!” I will outsmart that stupid groundskeeper. He knew all his hidden tunnels on the golf course, and that idiot would never catch up to him. He finally made his way to high ground, his head poking up from the dirt. He had expected to see green grass and sand pits, but instead he tasted snow! He jumped onto the white stuff, perplexed, but happy too. He danced in the snow and made snow angels, forgetting that the groundskeeper was looking for him. All of a sudden the ground below him exploded sending him flying up in the air into itty bitty bits and pieces which rained down in bloody splotches on the ground. Score one for the groundskeeper!

Gregory Shipman


What the…? This ain’t the right scenery… not the right scenery at all. Forget that shadow business, what are those palm trees doing here? And a beach? And half naked people on skates… is this the Twilight Zone or what? Oh Slip! Is that Sly Stallone?… Sharon Stone… Oh double Slip! I can’t believe my agent signed for a movie deal and moved me to Hollywood! Six more weeks of winter folks!


“This isn’t my hole…”

Phil poked his head out and surveyed the strange scenery. Where he should have been seeing snow and pine trees, he saw miles of sand, ocean, and palms instead. Next to him, a man in swimming trunks and shades reclined in a beach chair, sipping at a glass full of colorful liquid.

“Where am I?” said the groundhog to the human, whose name he remembered was also Phil.

“Hawai’i,” the man answered without taking his eyes off the setting sun on the horizon.

“Okay…” Phil looked around him again. “What’s the quickest way back to Punxsutawney?”

“Falling asleep,” the other Phil replied with a smile. “Just relax, enjoy the day, and wait until 6 am. Everything will go back to normal, I promise.”

L.E. Gibler


Hmmm, that’s odd. It was so much colder last year. It positively feels like summer. Perhaps…but that can’t be. I haven’t been sleeping that long. No, I should go investigate. Maybe something has happened. But I do love my sleep. I could get five more minutes. No, that was definitely water I heard in the back burrow. Alright, alright, I’m up. I’ll just…wait, what is this? This isn’t dirt, it feels so grainy, so…warm. And what is that noise? What has happened? There is so much sun here, and water, is that water? What is water doing rolling around like that, in those waves? Where am I? It must be what those dratted birds are always going on about, a beach. No, this isn’t right, I must be dreaming. That’s it, this is a dream, I have two weeks left, I’m going back to sleep.


Phil looks about and all around
He is unsure of this strange ground
How the hell did I end up here
In a warehouse full of beer
The rabbit behind just shook his head
Who gave you the leaders key
When all along as I said
You should have turned left at Albuquerque


Hog says he sees a new hog in town.who does not want ground hogs around. Maybe hedgehog or pollyhogs.
Phil submerges,in melted snow and dies

Anisa Claire


I’m tired of all the cameras, Phil thought to himself. Tired of it all. Tired of the blame, mostly, but just tired. So, to heck with it. I’m moving out! He slammed his tiny foot down into the dirt below.

That night Phil packed his bag. He didn’t have much to bring with him, but he didn’t want to leave anything behind, either, because he wasn’t too sure where he’d end up once he poked his head through the hole before he was supposed to.

Phil crawled up the ladder, hoping against hope that the camera people weren’t camped out early. When he made his way through the hole, and pulled himself up, he saw a palm tree in the middle of a small, deserted island.

He called it Phil-a-hoola.

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