Power Hour, Challenge 4



This last challenge will conclude the Power Hour Event. Thank You so much for joining us!!

The theme for this one is Science Fiction & Fantasy and we’ll be going through four different ones. So, step #write up, folks and put on your writing caps!


Every fifteen minutes a new mini-challenge will be released in the POWER HOUR category found on the HOME PAGE. When you have finished the challenge, post your response in the ‘Comment’ box below. Feel free to use the ‘Reply’ function beside other member’s responses to comment on what they’ve posted. Remember, POWER HOUR is all about being social and thinking on your feet. It is designed to help you learn how to write first and edit later. Free-write and have fun!


Morning Greetings

You wake up and find yourself face to face with a favorite movie/TV character in the SF/Fantasy genre- Interview them, and tell us what they have to say. Not more than 100 words.


Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes

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Chef Kanamit leaned back and repeated the question.

“The best way to serve man… The best way to serve man…”

He stared at the ceiling, temporarily lost in thought. He finally spoke. “It depends on the type of human you’re dealing with,” he said. If you have a well-fed, well-marbeled one, you can’t go wrong with a roast or steak. If you score a lean, low-fat one, there are plent of good stew recipes.

“Of course, brains are great with crackers as appetizers. Livers are a delicacy, but they have to be prepared just right…”

Kanamit leaned forward and clapsed his hands on the desk before him. “Of course, humans aren’t always in season. But it’s always handy to have a can of Soylent Green in your pantry, just in case…”


In the interview MR Spock spoke at length about world peace and hunger.He recommended that we implement immediately methods to combat these plagues of society. He warns that if we earthlings do not fix our compromising situation we will suffer the biggest invasion from out of space.
He states we will get no more water from the heavens as we are such waster of the precious liquid.
No more super size fries or luxury cars ,no more bombs or rumors of wars
He warns a time will come when we will be robbed of the earth if we continue on our path
A time will come when this earth will be taken


I awoke to the deepest blue azure eyes I had ever seen staring intently at me.
“Are you ok?” he asked.
“Paul, the ride was amazing!”
“I told you it would be.” He smiled. His spiced eyes twinkling and laughing as we lay in the desert sand.
We looked across the barren face of this planet, and soon began to hear a rumbling below the sand’s surface. The sand began to spin and swirl, and we saw the worm rise out of the dune, majestic, gliding into the air.
“Ready to ride, again?” Paul Muad’Dib whispered.
“Let’s Do this!”

L.E. Gibler


Dune, I love it! Wracked my brain for different characters today and totally forgot about one of the greatest classics


Q: So Mr. Travis. Tell us what it’s like to work for Servalan.

Travis: Limiting, you know? She’s so evil all I ever do is dirty work. Kill them, torture him, steal that, bomb that. Just once I’d like to use some of my other talents, like the tap routine I worked up in high school. But she’d order me to use it as a form of torture. If I tapped in the cell above a prisoner for twenty hours, he’d break for sure.


“Hermione?! Wow, I can’t believe it! You’re my hero!”
“Thank you! I get that a lot.”
“So, um… any advice for a young woman like me?”
“Anything else?”
“Read more. Everything you ever want to be and do can only be achieved through education. You think Harry could have beaten Voldemort without my help? Everything I did to save his life came out of books. Read, read, read!”
“Thanks! Oh, wait! Before you Apparate away… any advice on romance?”
“Yes. If your boyfriend doesn’t like you reading all the time, dump his ass!”

Tim Hillebrant


LOL- Good Advice. Knowledge is Power. Hermione proves it right here. Well that and an ability to notice small details- she’s pretty good at that too.

Well done!

Carol Moore


“Well Chewbacca how do you like working on the movie?”
“brrwhhaargh” (Laughing)
“Why is the question funny?
“br” (Indifferent)
“You have no feeling about the movie at all?”
“wawoohrgh” (Dissatisfied)
“What was wrong with the movie?”
“grrwaaaaaarggggh” (angry)
“Hey don’t get mad at me for doing my job.”

Tim Hillebrant


Never interrogate a Wookie. They get mad and pull people’s arms out of their sockets. Not unlike when they lose. For them it’s the same thing. LOL- Awesome, Carol!

L.E. Gibler


Simple fact of life, I’m not a morning person. As I swing my feet over the bed, I stop. There’s a strange man staring at me.
“Can I help you Doctor?” I asked, a little too astounded to reason if I’m dreaming or not.
“Perhaps. Have you seen my screwdriver?”
“Your sonic one?”
“Of course, what other screwdriver would I have?”
I hand him a Phillips sitting on my window sill. “That’s the best I can do.”
He frowned at me, his bushy gray eyebrows making his face almost comical. “Not what I had in mind.”
I shrugged. “Off on any adventures?”
He just shook his head at me. “Not with that thing. You’ll be late for work, Lauren.” And just like that, he was gone. I listened for the wheezing of the TARDIS, but only heard my alarm instead.


My alarm blared. It was too early. I needed another hour. I tricked myself into waking up by putting the phone on the other dresser. The floor was cold. I knew it. I wasn’t getting up. Ten more minutes.

“Hey, Siri.”

Nothing. The alarm continued.

“Hey, Siri.”

“Yes, Doug.”

A man’s voice, not Siri’s. Hmm.. Strange. It was familiar though.

“Siri, snooze alarm for ten minutes.”

“I can’t do that, Doug.”

My eyes shot open as I recognized the voice. I threw back the sheets and hopped out of bed, cold floor be damned. I didn’t have much time.

I grabbed the phone and found myself pushed back on to the bed by an electric shock.

The glow from HAL’s red eye filled the room.



So Silver? May I call you silver Mr Surfer?
Sure go for it Craig.
Why are you here?
To help save the earth of course.
No I mean here in my bedroom.
Oh that jusy a lousy sense of direction is all. You dont happen to know the way to the UN do you.

Tim Hillebrant


My eyes opened to see yellow and red iris’ surrounded by a face covered in red and black tribal tattoos.
“Explain who you are and why you’re here.”
“I- I’m Tim. I’m your biggest fan.”
“Why have you come?”
“To ask you how you got to be the deadly weapon you are?”
“Years of the hardest training, on planets that defy your human imagination. The harshest conditions, the fiercest enemies, and the most talented soldiers, I faced them all, and won.”
“Is that all you have to ask?”
“No, why did you let Obi Wan cheap shot you like that on Naboo? Wait, erk* Y…’re ch…kng me.”

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