Power Hour, Challenge 3



You’re now at the halfway point!  Congratulations!

The theme for this one is Science Fiction & Fantasy and we’ll be going through four different ones. So, step #write up, folks and put on your writing caps!


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Kirk had Spock, Han Solo had Chewbacca.  Choose your favorite SF/Fantasy movie sidekick, and give them some time of their own.  We’re looking for flash fiction, no more than 100 words, where your favorite sidekick has some time in the limelight.


Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes

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She took a long drag from her cigarette and watched the scene unfold in the mirror that hung over the liquor shelves. She exhaled slowly. The bartender walked towards her and dropped a poker chip by her glass. “Guy wants to buy you a drink,” he said, nodding towards the far end of the bar.

“Thanks, Tom.” He walked away and she lifted the chip with long manicured nails and looked at her suitor. He was of average height, wore a mask over his eyes, and sported bright green shorts and a yellow cape. She shook her head and waved him off. No patience for freaks tonight.

The young man threw a twenty on the counter and walked out. It was the fifth time he’d been shot down this week. Maybe, he thought, he was coming on a little strong…

L.E. Gibler


“I’m no one’s sidekick,” mourned Marvin. “No one wants to take me on adventure. Why bother? They’d just leave me to rust here anyway.”
“Can you rust?” asked Trillium.
“Can I rust?” He seemed affronted. “Can you die?”
Everyone tried hard not to look at the morose robot.
“But, of course, no one wants to bother. I would just rain on your parade. Go, go, I’ll still be here, still depressed when you return.” He sat down on the nearest outcropping. “I suppose I shall have ample time to consider my existence. No one wants a depressed robot as a sidekick.”


Kairo was going to complete this mission alone he ventured into the unknown to help his friend the green Lantern. Without a thought to himself he approached his goal. Two quarter pounder meals with fries thanks he ennqired of the girl behind the counter. Mission complete he returned to vehicle a hero.


Good things should happen for the loyal worker who considers every mission to be an important one. It’s practice for larger responsibilities. The Green Lantern will notice, I’m sure.


The white horse strutted up the palace steps, his head held high. This was the proudest day of his life, and he couldn’t stop smiling. As he reached the platform at the top, the crowd around him cheered, until the prince and princess standing before him held up their hands for silence.

Grinning, the young princess stepped forward. In her hands was the sword she had requested from her father, the King, to perform the rite that was normally his duty. Out of the corner of his eye, the horse caught sight of the chameleon sitting on her shoulder, who was also smiling proudly at him. He smiled back before he knelt forward; there was nothing like being surrounded by friends right before the biggest moment in one’s career.

“Captain Maximus, for your continued and unparalleled service to our kingdom, the Royal Family bestows upon you the highest honor of the Golden Sun.” She touched the point of the blade to Maximus’s shoulder. “I hereby dub you Sir Maximus! Arise, fair knight!”

Maximus stood with the biggest grin on his face. Rapunzel returned the sword to her father, then threw her arms around her friend, Pascal and Flynn rushing forth to join the group hug. There was no doubt: Sir Maximus would remember this as the happiest day in his life!


Peeta took Katniss in his arms and and kissed her deeply. The alarmed look in her eyes gradually softened, as she began to kiss him back, and their passion grew, blossoming into gentle love and care. He caressed her face looking into those normally guarded eyes and saw the love he had been dreaming of. Gale would no longer come between them. He had won her heart, at last.


Twiki was perplexed. His circuits and motors whirred as he tried to figure out what to do. Buck was off-ship and he had his first command. The problem was: he forgot to oil up first. He was so excited to get to the bridge that it didn’t register his registers. Now, he was all stiff and could barely move. To make matters worse, an oil can sat on a shelf just out of reach–mocking him. Buck was coming back soon and he needed to open the bay doors.

Then all of a sudden, Jonesy the cat was there on the shelf, twirling and twining about. The cat was scoping for treats. He rubbed against the oil can and it teetered but wouldn’t fall.

Twiki called to Jonesy, hoping inthe way only a little robot could, “Here, kitty kitty.”

Carol Moore


Batman let Robin drive the car for his date. Robin ran across a crime in progress, he saved the beautiful girl from the robber. He saved the day all by himself.


Flying Carpet just knew he had to audition for “Aladdin.” He was perfect for the part. A small, not room-sized, Persian masterpiece of weaving. Of course, there was still that spot even Resolve couldn’t remove. But, hey, that’s what make-up is for, right? So he rolled himself into a cab and took off for Pixar. Too bad the cabbie wasn’t completely honest. When the cab pulled up behind the big discount carpet store, Flying Carpet had reason to wish flying wasn’t just a special effect using green screen.

Tim Hillebrant


LOL- I love it, Deanne. That was awesome. Flying Carpet is just an actor like the rest. Even he needs a green screen to fly. Well done!

Tim Hillebrant


R2-D2 trundled along on his wheeled legs, following behind the ever chatty C-3PO. If he let loose with any of the secrets he knew, about Luke’s parentage, who assembled Threepio, who the Princess’s father really was, that poor golden droid would probably short circuit. Better to keep up appearances, and stay out of way of things. Maybe that way, he could help Luke accomplish his mission. He bade his friend a silent farewell, as he powered down, waiting for the time when Luke could return, and start training the new Jedi, and relieve the world of Kylo Ren.

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