Power Hour, Challenge 2




The theme for this one is Science Fiction & Fantasy and we’ll be going through four different ones. So, step #write up, folks and put on your writing caps!


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  • Write a poem, style of your choosing, paying tribute to your favorite fantasy/SF Movie, book, or TV show.


Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes

64 Comments for “Power Hour, Challenge 2”


Lost in flight
bouncing through the free-fall battle
frozen in his battle gear

His teammates
used him as a human shield
deflecting all incoming showers
of the opponents fire

A prelude
a lesson
to the unknown alien battles
yet to come

Games would become reality


Nice! I just saw the movie the other day. I’m embarrased to have never read the book tho. 🙁


I have read all of the books in the series. Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite science fiction/fantasy authors. Speaker for the Dead is almost as good as Ender’s Game. I enjoyed all of the books. 🙂 However, I have not seen the Ender’s Game movie. Waiting for it to come out on Netflix. lol


With captain Mal and all the crew
We sail the galaxy through and through
Here inside serenity
It’s Firefly time for you and me


I second that! I’ve always liked the non-military crew structures of Firefly and Blake’s Seven. It makes crew actions/ reactions less predictable. Complications in character relations are more on the surface, ready to create conflict. People are motivated by self-interest as much, or more than, a sense of duty.


Beam me over
to my lover
lend me your ears MR. Spock.Let me travel through space and time.That boy deserves the time of his life.

Lauren Gibler


I am a leaf on the wind,
I never break, and I hate to bend.
I travel all along the ‘Verse,
No place to call home my curse.
Out alone among the stars,
Isn’t it all so shiny?**

(**Poetry is certainly not my strong suit)


To the Universe of Star Trek

It was never about the battles, the blazing explosions in space,
the evil of Romulan rulers or grandeur of an alien place.

In Star Trek we found a culture, a history of mankind’s race
to figure out the universe as a moral and coherent place.

Of all the things they taught us, the captains we admired,
the fact that they were human has kept us all inspired.


He’s a boy with a world-famous name,
And practicing magic’s his game.
The Dark Lord, he’ll fight
Without one bit of fright,
But for homework, he can’t say the same!


There once was a dolphin named Trish
Who was granted her greatest wish
As her ship rose to the sky
She told the humans goodbye,
And thanks again for all the fish


hitchhiking about
the galaxy needs heros
remember your towel

Anisa Claire


It’s a Game of Thrones
Death, destruction and madness
Damn you, George Martin


lol. I still haven’t watched a single minute or read a single page.


The books are very good, very political like reading history textbooks on medieval royal families in europe lots of intrigue and also quite violent, the tv series not for me though they don’t do the books justice..

Tim Hillebrant


Star Wars and Star Trek, good friends of mine.
My introduction to SF, the responsibility was thine.
I learned from there to enjoy fantasy too.
Things like Elfquest, Narnia, and Conan’s people stew.
You’ve made my life rich and sweet.
And I thank thee o writers for your treats!

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