Power Hour, Challenge 1




The theme for this one is Science Fiction & Fantasy and we’ll be going through four different ones. So, step #write up, folks and put on your writing caps!


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Role Reversal

Take your favorite SF/Fantasy bad guy, and write a short scene where they’re doing something completely opposite of their normal role (ex- Darth Vader acting like a clown, Lord Voldemort singing ‘Happy Birthday’, etc.) and the reactions of those around them..


Now, Free-write your challenge response any way you choose!

Best of luck! Have Fun and Write On!

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Author Notes

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Whistling for the little dog to come, she held out her green hand and offered him some chewy treats. The little black Cairn Terrier cocked his head to one side and looked at her strangely, not quite trusting the motives of her offering. Today, she wasn’t dressed in black nor sporting her witches cap. Her green skin was touched by the sun, as her yellow sun dress showed off her curves and shapely legs. The wart on her face didn’t look quite so menacing, and the little hairs sticking out of it seemed to have a friendly wave.

“Come, Toto, I will not hurt you. I love dogs and little girls.”

Dorothy stood between the dog and the witch. Slowly, she backed away, sensing the witch was sincere in her offer of a treat for her dog. Toto took a running leap into the witches arms, and the old witch kissed him full on the lips while cooing lovely sentiments, and showering him with treats.

The witch looked at Dorothy, and said, “I love you, my Pretty. You, and your little dog, too!”

Mariah Breiner


lol I love this, do you mind if I share it on facebook later? My uncle would adore it!


LOL All I ask is that you put this copyright message on it. ©2016 Rebecca Braun All rights reserved.

So glad you like it enough to want to share. Thank you for asking for permission.


In the Land of Mordor, where the shadows lie, the Dark Lord looked down and scowled at his minions. “Look, guys. This is unacceptable. We’re going to clean up this mess and restore the mountain’s native ecology. Go find me native plants! Bring in soil! Learn how to chirp and whistle the songs that will bring back the birds!” He sighed. “I thought I wanted to rule all creation, but what’s the fun in that when there’s no creation left?” The minions, aghast, didn’t move. So the Hobbits took over and got the job done. As always.


“I need to see Sarah Conner.”

“I’m sorry, she’s in an interview right now. You’ll have to wait.”

The muscled, leather-clad man studied the room; the door, windows, security cameras. Finally, he slowly looked up and glared at the policeman behind the desk.

“Okay, never mind.” He turned slowly to walk out.

The desk officer called out behind him. “You can come back. She should be out soon.”

“No, I’m good.” His muddled accent threw off the officer.

“Really, it’s okay. We’ll be open all night. You can have some coffee and a donut. We don’t mind.”

The stranger looked around before walking out. Thank you anyway. I’m not up to it tonight.” He trudged out the door, muttering as he left.

“I won’t be back.”


The cube slowed within weapon’s range of Earth–Starfleet in shambles and the Federation weak and vulnerable. Yes, the mighty Borg had finally won the day.

Resistance indeed was futile.

But lo! What madness is this?

Instead of weapons-fire, the Borg’s massive engine of death hung in space. No activity. Dead.

In the main Federation control room, a lone Ensign bore witness to the strangest thing. The Ferengi Grand Negus filled the view screen, barely able to hide his smugness.

Yes, the greedy cur of the Alpha Quadrant found a spark of heroism.

The tide had turned. Humanity saved.

All for the tenacity in the collection of an unpaid bill. A few bars of Latinum and a new transwarp phase inducer.

No one crosses the Negus. Not even the Borg Queen.

Lauren Gibler


Every year on Unification Day, planets that loyally gave their allegiance to the Alliance hosted amazing parties, complete with fireworks, parades, and an all inclusive Happy Hour. Nowhere in the Outer Rim was the holiday celebrated in such a fashion. Instead, it was a day of painful remembrance that ate away at the hearts of those who had lost the war but not the cause. That year, however, nearly two decades after River Tam had released the truth upon the ‘Verse, an all call went out every planet: Free Drinks to All, Browncoats Included. It seemed too good to be true, a trick for sure. The evening of Unification Day, the usual revelries went on as planned, but on a less habited planet, there was a rough, handmade sign issuing the invitation. One former Browncoat, in desperate need of a drink, shrugged, and decided to try. If it was a trap, well, she had had worse days. The bar was sparsely populated. Mainly it was full of those who were hoping to get a free drink. Her rigid bearing brought the attention of everyone in the room the second she stepped in. Her hand hovered over her gun as one man in far too nice of suit to be in the Outer Rim came up to her.
“You’re an Independent? Yes?”
She frowned mightily. “Maybe, what of it?”
“You’re the first all day!” he cried, slapping her on the shoulder. “Now, the party can begin! Free drinks for everyone! And let us all note that there can be reconciliation in the Universe.”
Still waiting for the trap to spring, she followed him to the bar and took the offered shot of fire whiskey. One shot became two, and then three, and slowly the entire bar filled around her. As evening turned to night, it finally occurred to her that for once, the Alliance hadn’t been lying. Maybe, she thought as she took her last drink and put a tip out for the beleaguered bartender, just maybe River’s message was finally catching on.

Tim Hillebrant


River Tam? Dr. Who? But Outer Rim suggests to me Star Wars.
Either way, I enjoyed this a lot. Well done!!

Lauren Gibler


River Tam, Firefly/Serenity. Couldn’t come up with what the outer planets were called, so I might have fallen back on Star Wars to fill in the blanks. (I’ve been slacking on all things movie related since going back to school!) Thank you:)


Chell stared up at the hulking mess of metal cores and wires looming above her. Though she knew it wouldn’t do her any good in a room with no white surfaces, she pointed the portal gun at her enemy, standing steadily in a defensive stance.

“What do you think you are doing?” GLaDOS laughed, a monotonous sound that did little to comfort the terrified human. “What did you think when I told you I had a surprise for you? Here it is!”

A platform slowly lowered from the ceiling. Chell stepped back in alarm, ready to run… until the platform reached the floor. On it sat two completely harmless things: a cube with a heart on each face and a cake covered in chocolate frosting and cherries.

“Surprise!” said GLaDOS with the tiniest hint of genuine warmth in her robotic voice. “It’s a peace offering! No more trying to kill you anymore, promise. Friends?”

Chill stepped forward to examine the cake. Not only did it look perfect, it smelled absolutely delicious. She smiled, hardly daring to believe it…

“The cake is… not a lie?”

Lauren Gibler


The cake sounds delicious:) Not to give myself away, or anything, as a bit of a mainstream SciFi fan, where is GLaDOS from? (I could just Google it, but where’s the fun in that?)


GLaDOS is the villain (and Chell the protagonist) of a sci-fi video game called Portal. After the game came out, the phrase “The cake is a lie” became a running joke on the Internet, as a reference to an event that happens towards the end of the game. 😉

Carol Moore


Darth Vader: Welcome to my home Luke!
Luke: Okay What is up with you?
Darth Vader: Nothing is wrong with me, I would like to serve you. What do you need?
Luke: Have you been drinking?
Darth Vader: No I love you Luke.
Luke: I am out of here. This too creepy.
Luke leaves and Darth Vader scratches his head.
Darth Vader: I was just trying to make the boy feel at home.


To say we were astounded so utterly unbelieving was an understatement. There was cheering and clapping the multitude were overjoyed. As Dr Zarkov and myself stood by taking in the inceredible scene before us. We watched as Ming the merciless released the final platoon of soldiers captured in the final devastating battle of a few days ago. In his speech to the conquered foes before him Ming proposed that all worlds should be free to rule themselves.

Tim Hillebrant


Lord Vader was angry, no one was listening to him down in the kitchen. He tromped down to the galley on the Star Destroyer Avenger, stormed into the kitchen, and took a position at the fryer. He ignored the looks of the startled officers and crew as he tipped some chicken onto an outstretched tray and asked, “Do you want fries with that?”

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