Dash through the door.

Piss! on the elevator floor.

Leap to the safe side.

Outside cops greet me

Do you feel me!

“Did you see anything?

Did you hear anyrhing?”

Now the sound of a gun.+

I see boys run

Ghetto living is no fun.

Author Notes

The use of vulgar slang is the reason for posting in the mature section.

17 Comments for “Pissed”

Gregory Shipman


The World is a Ghetto… not true… only those unfortunate enough to be ‘shaded’, ‘rejected’ or ‘subjected’ has their World as a Ghetto…

A poem that is brutal in its simplicity, true in its message and a constant reminder to all that there is a world that is self-contained and smothering… and its tragic when one says, I escaped from the world that formed me (or in many cases malformed me)

So ‘write on’ Claudine… one need not explain our homeland but rather expose it…


Anisa Claire


Very fast paced, description write, Clauding. You set the scene, used language to take us in the moment, and executed quite well, in my opinion.

anyrhing – anything


Tim Hillebrant


A striking poem about life in the ghetto. I imagine this scene is true for many out there. Makes me glad I live in Idaho- we have our places here, to be sure, but nothing like what I imagine the big cities to be.


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