Pink Moon Rising


Spring breaks river's icy grip,
rushing, waters, icebergs slip.
Upon the banks sprouts shoots of green,
bursting newborns, grasses glean.

Robin-ready, Earth comes alive,
melting waters, rushing tides.
Earth shrugs off its Winter dress,
and comes alive to wakefulness. 

Bulrush'd bullfrog's song of love,
preening bird's dance, Morning Dove.
Foals first breath of new mown hay,
Grape vines hint of cabernet. 

Dogwood blossom's pinkish hue,
sweetly kissed with morning dew.
Petal perfect satin faced,
lifts to greet the sun's embrace. 
 Breathe in, sweet the southern breeze,
finches song, swaying trees.
Cardinals red on melting white,
songbirds sing the lambs' goodnight. 

Vermillion shades of roses bloom,
budding under new Pink Moon.
Milk-splashed calves dash for the fields
as velvet lips touch Springtime yield.

Author Notes

Photo is my own.

15 Comments for “Pink Moon Rising”


I really enjoyed this fresh as spring imagery poem. I was delighted by the number of subtle alliterations used, too! “Robin-ready” Bul’rushed Bullfrog” “petal perfect”. Seemed to make this poem extra special. Good luck in the contests you are entering!

Write On!



Thank you so much, Becky! I have a special love for using alliterations in poetry. You might see that I use it quite often because like you said, it just seems to add that little bit of magic.


What a beautiful photo and the descriptive images of color, birds, nature are amazing. I read the poem 3 times to make sure I did not miss a great line. Good writing!

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