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Loneliness is; standing on a street corner invisible, unheard.

Softer than a rose petal, tears fall on satin cheeks, unnoticed.

Each tear an interpretation, falling unheeded. Liquid sadness.

A ghost destined to walk among the living, bringing you no closer to life.

A beacon on the hill overlooking an ocean of tears, you wait.

Eternity echoes like a heartbeat, filling your ears with promises

Endless coffee shops and sidewalk satire, growing weary of the chase,

time stamps you with wrinkles and weariness until one day you look,

and see…

and say….

Who am I?

Time blinks its lashes spreading weariness across your face,

scarring you with pain and laughter.

I remember you, it says and you think back to a time when

you glowed with the light of youth and time stood far away.

You blink and time is in front of you.

Youth stamps its foot like a wayward child screaming, “I’m not ready!” as time leads her away.

Unfolding her memories for you to behold, the lonely path you’ve chosen

laid bare and vulnerable for all to see.

If only

I should have

I wish

Why didn’t I?

May I go back?


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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Lisa,

Very moving poem here. The older, wiser one wonders what if, while the younger, naeve one just plows on. How many of us do this? I know I do. What would my life have been like if I’d done this instead of that. If it’s turned left instead of right. If I’d had the courage to follow through on making a dream happen- what if?

Good write, here.


Well done, Lisa! Very moving. As we get older, it’s too easy to look back with regrets; too many of us fail to take advantage of our youth. Unfortunately, we only get one go-round. Write on!

Lisa Doesburg


Thank you, Dave! It seems like when you’re in your 50’s, unless you’re wildly successful, you do a lot of reflecting back. At least in my case…haha


Beautiful, personal, write. Live “In the Moment”, girlfriend. Don’t look back. There is plenty of time to live, and live well. Love yourself. 🙂

Lisa Doesburg


Thank you, Becky! I mainly live in the present, but I do catch myself reflecting and wondering how my life would be if I had changed even one little thing…

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Lisa

Excellent visualization and feeling. You’ve captured the sadness of being utterly alone and the hopelessness of being unable to recapture certain moments that were ignored.

Loved this line:
Each tear an interpretation, falling unheeded. Liquid sadness.

Enjoyed the post!

Take care and stay safe,


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