On Writing

On Writing

by Stephen King

I really can’t say enough about this awesome book by Stephen King. Honestly, it should be a requirement for all writers! (Kidding. Kind of. Haha) It really is that good, though. He writes in a style like you’re sitting down with the guy and having a cup of coffee with him while he spills all his incredible secrets on writing.

If you’re looking for more of a story read than a textbook read, On Writing is the way to go. Plus, it’s Stephen King! Nobody can deny what a talented, inspirational and creative person he is.

Who else out there has this book, wants to get it or is planning to read it? Have any questions or comments? Looking forward to hearing from you all! I know I say it in every post, but I can’t stress it enough… we cannot share specific clips from the book, as that would infringe on the author’s rights. As writer’s, we have to be super respectful in that regard. We can, however, discuss the book overall and share what content is covered (just not in specific detail). For that, you’ll have to purchase this amazing book!

Check it out on Amazon by clicking here or by clicking the image above.

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