Old Friends, I’m Thinking of You Now

Old friends, I’m thinking of you now

as I sit hidden in the city.

The fan blows cool air

on my sticky skin,

and May licks my stinky toes

smiling as she pants,

her tongue growing longer.


Years back I would have been with you,

cooking enticing gourmet dishes,

tasting the new wines we would all share,

talking into the night of wise and wonderful ideas.


Now I write,

and talk to myself,

and the cool breeze lingers

after the sun goes down,

somewhere lost in the city.


I hear the sirens blare,

and the highway hums,

a low dull roar, though I

don’t really hear it anymore.


I think of what you might have said,

on a night such as this,

we would dance and sing,

shed tears over most anything,

give wise advice, share secrets

no one should know.


The warmth of sharing our lives,

thinking we were caring,

so often expounding on ears

words of wisdom, nuggets of truth,

often forgotten after the wine.


I never thought it would change,

I thought I always would have you,

I know I do in my heart,


but the night travels on

outside my window

as the clock ticks,

and the fan blows,

and the highway hums.

I’m here,

somewhere lost in the city.

My collie lies at my feet,

panting softly, quietly.


I write the words

I forgot to write when youth was free.

I am content,

smiling, and thinking of old friends,

somewhere hidden in the city.

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This is a very emotional poem Rebecca. It takes me to the times you had before the city living and life now. A smooth comparison of the two. I see you missed the former. I enjoyed this!


I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for checking it out. 🙂 Life does change, we grow older, our paths must move forward. I was living in St. Paul, MN when I wrote this poem, and very close to a major highway and the heart of the city. I have since moved to a suburb. Much quieter! I love my new location, and though I am still in the city, technically, it feels much less congested and anonymous. However, I do not have a bay to gaze at when I look out my window! Or, was that just the fog playing tricks with your eyes? Thanks for the comments, Claudine.


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