Old Bottles






                                                OLD BOTTLES

 Whispery legends

of days gone by.

Sunlight refines

a soft amber glow



ruby red

show of bottles

on a window ledge.

Embellished by imperfections;

embossed by trademarks,

a druggist by name

lay claim to his fame

with this timeless blown glass.




© 2016, Patricia Crandall. All rights reserved.
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Tim Hillebrant


I liked this poem, Patricia. Reminds me of many things. The bottle trees popular in the south. A collection of old bottles and jars my Mom had (not very large). And I saw a show about treasures people find and sometimes sell, and old bottles were featured in a part of it.
The spirit of the poem captures a love for the collection, and the shape of the words on the page make it pleasing to the eye when reading. Very enjoyable.



I used to have a collection of liquor, wine and beer bottles. I kept them in the window of my apartment and the sun did indeed sparkle through the colours.

I love shape poems like this. Enjoyed, Patricia.


This poem is wonderfully written and truly brings the vision of these old bottles into my mind as I have a brother who eagerly went digging in old dumps and along train tracks to find them. My parent’s still have windows with his bottles shining in the sunlight, and I remember having discussions about where they came from, what was in them(mostly pharmacy products), and the kind of glass used to blow the bottles. My favorite has always been cobalt blue. 🙂 Do you have a link to your book? It might make an interesting gift for my brother. His house is filled with antiques and relics he has collected over the years.

Thanks for sharing this vision with me. Brought back memories. I like how the poem is in the shape of a bottle, too!

Write On!

Patricia Crandall


Becky, I think your brother would like the book. It relates many bottle mining adventures. You can go to Amazon.com to see the listing under my name and the book, Tales of an Upstate New York Bottle Miner. However, it’s been sold out and unavailable. I have copies and could let you have a new book for $6.00 if you are interested. Please advise. Once again, thanks for your input.


Love it, Patricia! Excellent use of colors. I remember the old days, when you could see the bottles lined up like that. Definitely advantages to the cheap-looking plastic bottles used nowdays, but it doesn’t have the same magic…

Patricia Crandall


Thanks Dave. The muse for this poem was my bottle digging days in old abandoned farm dumps. Fun and educational. We dug up beauties. I wrote a book on it – Mining Old Bottles.

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