No one has ever spoken

my language before.

No one.


Every phrase, question, answer,

from the reasoning to the heart

wrapped in a riddle,

the subtleness transcends forever.


Reading my mind,

challenging everything,

giving everything

with sincerity and respect.


I tremble,

I cannot look at you,

I cannot watch you struggle.

The blush on your cheek,

the silence to protect me,

the tender way you tear me apart

forcing me to respond.


The undercurrent is so strong

yet no answer is given.

You speak to my heart and my mind

even in your silence.


It’s as if we’ve known each other

on another planet

in another galaxy,

or ancient times.


Hand to glove to cuff.


Is it true?

Or just a dream, meant to torture

my very soul.

Am I dreaming?

Imagining this connection,

fabricating something

I cannot have.


It will be brutal,

if it is real.

But worth it,

if you have the strength to travel

from sleep

to this great awakening.


Will you choose to wake,

or continue to stumble on your path

into oblivion…

Author Notes

23 Comments for “Oblivion”

reigny dai


Rebecca, sometimes I doubt even God speaks my language, so I get what you’ve said here, and you’ve expressed it well.

Tim Hillebrant


That’s how you know you’ve found your soul mate. When they speak a language only you can hear. It’s not all in the words, but in the touch, and very feeling you get when you’re near them.
Add to that having gone through a relationship where issues with trust and truth are the norm, and it makes trusting anyone else a challenge indeed. Even when they speak your language perfectly, you wonder and you doubt. Is it real, or just imagination fueled by desire?
But when truth in love speaks, the heart will listen, and know. The trick lies in being able to trust it, and have faith the path will go where it should.

Well written, Becky. I could go on, but I’ve already left you a book.




Beautifully written, Becky. Rocky relationships, with work on both ends, can end up being the strongest of all.


What if you have been lied to so badly in the past that you fear trusting anything? You can’t be sure of anything, and you make up stories in your head to make up for the lack of information you are getting because the one you love won’t speak to you? There is no black and white, only gray…a glimmer of hope that maybe you can’t trust? They say things that make it appear that they are inviting you into their life. But nothing is ever clarified? Yes, it is rocky and uncertain. The “not knowing” drives you crazy….lol Thanks for reading Riss. I will get to reading your Dragon story soon… next week, I promise. I want my full attention to be on it and right now I am planning and preparing for 3-Day Novel. Have you thought about trying it?



How do I sign up for it? I have thought about it, but it seems I have so many distractions here that I’m not sure I could finish it! Three days? that’s such a short time! what is the word minimum? I just finished a book that will be published by December. Very excited about that! Take your time with my dragon story. It’s not going anywhere!

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