Now on, Everything I Do Going Be Funky



Now on, everything I do is going to be funky


I traveled the world from Shores of Tripoli to the

White Cliffs of Dover.

I trekked by ships

Loved jalapeno chips.

When I rocked a big ‘fro

Now I do the Pittsburgh comb over.

These days I live with self

looks and style on the shelf.

I’m the antithesis of Cassonova

two left feet

don’t do the Bossa Nova.

No bars

nor drive a car.

I do daffodilis

roses and four-leaf clovers.

The gym and my bike

are the things I like.

Don’t do meats

And rarely sweets.

Haven’t had a drink in an hour

four quarters sober.

From redbone to

shades of umber

I like big smiles, curvy frames

And eyes that smolder.

Can talk Baldwin


and paint by numbers.

I hug ponies, doggies

And a cat lover.

Do a lot for fun

All out of time

This groove is done.


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