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How is everyone finding the new site. I think it is working well love to hear your thoughts cheers

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Tim Hillebrant


Hey Craig!

I love the new site. I like how easy it is to access everything. Sure, I miss knowing who else is on with me, and the status page, but with everything else going on here, I’m super happy with it. Love the changes, and foresee great things coming here at WC!!

Anisa Irwin


Hey Craig,

Glad you’re enjoying it! Personally, I love it. It feels more fun and carnival-esque to me. I love bright colours, though 🙂 But more importantly, it functions a heck of a lot better in the backend AND it’s way easier for people to navigate. The old site was a bit of a maze.

I do understand there will be some growing pains and an adjustment period but I hope everyone ends up loving it!


charles stone


I’m old school Craig. It may take me some time to adjust to the new colors and format. Take for instance this page. It feels, to me, like the comment box is floating in space. Weird huh? Doesn’t have the same homey feel as the old WC. I think the black background may be the villain. But as with most change, I’ll grow accustomed to it.

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