Never Again


My god my head is pounding
I drank too much last night
I hear a siren sounding
I see a flashing light

My face is half stuck to the floor
A bra strapped to my head
Someone’s banging on the door
Could be in my head

A giant mirror is broken
A lawn mower in the sink
A collar has me chokin
A love doll dressed in pink

My fingernails are painted black
A brick tapped to my hand
Hundreds of sea shells in a sack
My shoes are filled with sand

What the hell went on last night
I can’t recall a thing
I remember trying to stop a fight
But I think I was in a ring

I need to get out of this place
Where the hell’s my cell
Why is there mustard on my face
It was a rough one, I can tell

I step out in the cool days air
From a house that is not mine
Eyes half swelled shut and purple hair
I feel far from fine

I need some greasy bacon
A large dose of caffeine
My hands they won’t stop shakin
I feel like a fiend

I’m never gonna drink again
To this do thee swear
At least until next weekend
Or Thursday to be fair

Author Notes

6 Comments for “Never Again”

Tim Hillebrant


Travis, this was hilarious! I loved it.
I’ve seen and known many people who’ve lived life like this. And they always do the same thing- swear off the alcohol, right up until the next weekend.

Nicely done, sir! Brings a smile on a Friday night, and I don’t even have a beer!


Travis Baribeau


Haha. Thanks, man. There are rough mornings… then there are ROUGH mornings. I tried to imagine the roughest 🙂

Anisa Claire


Hey Travis,

Hahaaaa. Yep. The hangover makes everyone swear they’re never going to drink again, but they always do. Lol. Fun poem. Packed full of description and I could easily visualize the disaster. Rhythm was good and I didn’t notice any nits.


Travis Baribeau


Thanks, Anisa. Lol. The more I reread this the more I never want to drink again. Thanks for the kind words.

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