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“No one messes around with a nerd’s computer and escapes unscathed.”

― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

“All this data… scattered… everywhere!” Nano methodically scooted from right to left, leaving nothing behind. “People are so wasteful these days. Spilling all this information on the ground, using it frivolously in videos and mindless surfing.  If only they knew the power.  If only they felt the energy! Then they, too, would be worthy. But they’re not.”

Nano had been collecting data from the carnival since he could he remember. People came, people dumped information like garbage, Nano swept it up. That’s just how it went.  He knew that one day, and one day soon, he’d crack the code and reveal the secrets to life.  If only he could just get enough information from the carnival dwellers, and as much as they wasted, it was never quite enough.

 “They’ll see. One of these days. They’ll see! The computer will tell all of our history.  They just don’t realize it. But they will. I’ll make them see.” Nano rambled on and on as he viciously wept the sidewalks, behind the booths, and polished the rides. All the while he had one goal in mind: to take over the world.

 Animals passed by, the sun set and then rose again, and still Nano swept, scrubbing the ground of wasted data collection. Every so often he would sneak away, feeding his friend, his computer Nebula, bits and pieces of information.  Nebula chugged, gurgled, burped and continued to sleep.

“Damn you, Nebula! Wake up!” Nano screamed, shaking his fist. Still, Nebula snored, unaware of its surroundings.

Then, one bright and shining morning, Nano saw something special on the ground. It was the numerical sequence 01011010 in a row, totally untouched, raw data. He squealed, silently, as not to draw attention, and scooped up the precious cargo.  Nano coddled the numbers, placing them ever-so-gently inside of his shirt pocket, and then ran back to the Mother Station, Nebula.

“Nebula! You’ll never believe what I found! The PERFECT sequence! In A row… Untouched. Raw data.  Now, I only need to configure the CTRL, ALT, Z command and… the world is OURS!”

Nebula flickered to life at the sound of Nano’s words, red eyes flashing, and it opened its disc drive wide. “FEED ME, NANO.  WE HAVE ZOMBIE BOTS TO BUILD….”



This story and picture we did as a dedication to my dad, a.k.a. Nano, in our most recent book, Carnival Carnage. He loved it! He has a minor, ahem, obsession with computers… Lol. And now, so do I. Anyway, had fun with this one. The Zombie Bots are in the first book so this ties it all together… a little backstory, if you will. Hahaha

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Tim Hillebrant


Hi Anisa,

I remember this story! I loved it on the old site, and love it now.
I could just imagine Nano grumbling and groaning as he sweeps along, collecting dropped data and putting it into Nebula as he goes.
Reminds me a bit of an experiment done, several years ago now, where a computer algorithm was used to predict certain things, simply by making sense of terms and words people were searching in a couple well known databases. The results were quite surprising, and loosely inspired the Nick Cage movie, Knowing.

A nicely done story this. No nits.


Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Anisa

Nice bit of humor, good flow and dialogue. .

Didn’t see any nits.

Take care and stay safe,


PS: Thanks ever so much for your patience. I like the new site.

PPSS: The only thing I miss from the old site was the drop down review box especially with long posts where U didn’t have to scroll up and down.

Anisa Claire


Hey Ray!

So glad you’re finding your way around the new site. Thank you for reading and reviewing this piece. Do you mean the reviewing notes?


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