Nano2016 Chap 1-Part 1

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Grace MJ


I loved this. You are really talented!
Also, a thought on your question: gypsies were kind of the Native Americans of Europe. They were treated the same way and probably still are. In most early cultures and several undisturbed ones today, many people had and still have deep respect for the earth. I think your descriptions and observations are perfectly accurate.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Kim

Excellent flow. Descriptions were spot on. There’s not much more to add based on the the reviews I read. Enjoyed!

Take care and stay safe,




Excellent. This would work well with gypsies, with minimal tweaking. You’ve probably already gotten this from your research, but way back when, workers often weren’t allowed to leave – money bosses would have them physical attacked and sometimes killed to prevent them from leaving.

Keep up the good writing!

Kim Bussey


Thanks, Dave. Yeah, I hit that in my research, but I thought it was more the miners that would be treated that way. The gypsies are just passing through and not working for the mine bosses.

Tim Hillebrant


Hi Kim,

First, I loved this piece. I was reminded very much of early 20th Century America in places like Philadelphia, or New York, or Virginia.
I know you think this has more of a Native American feel to it. I think it’s more Gypsy or Druidic myself. Family clans and being in tune with the earth and all that.

Either way, you’ve a strong start to this story, and I’d love to see more of it.


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