My Thin Silver Blade





Caressed it lays in my folded hand
My beautiful totem with which I stand
I keep it near at hand ever at the ready
My thin silver blade makes life heady

Shining and bright this razor has being
My lust set free by what I am seeing
The weight I bear in my palm
Brings to me the most serene calm

My divine to unleash and put to use
First I must find my next muse
A short troll along the streets of the valley
A target chosen then taken into an alley

The preparation done I can now begin
With cold razor steel I begin to sin
No ugly lacerations or gashes here
My beautiful blade cuts clean and sheer

The thin red line that follows the blade
Perfect and clean a start is made
Layers of flesh will be peeled away
As easily as watching night follow day

The strength from cutting I receive is surreal
Lost in my rapture I care not how you feel
The sense one receives from doing a job well
Is hypnotic like being put under a spell

I set to the task surgical steel held tight
Your eyes wide open with fear in their sight
The bulge of the skin as the blade starts to slice
It glides effortlessly under like a skater on ice

Flayed from the body this skin like a fillet
Perhaps to be taken and put in the skillet
Crafted with precision it fitted the bill
My precious steel has worked it’s will

Author Notes

Another Dark poem centered on a tortured mind that knows no bounds.

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Very dark, Craig. A good glimpse into the mid of a serial killer. Wonderful imagery (My favorite lines: “Flayed from the body this skin like a fillet/ Perhaps to be taken and put in the skillet”).

One nit: “My precious steel has worked it’s (its) will”

Keep up the good writing!


I wonder what they think, when they do the deed. The serene pleasure they get of slicing the clean blade, the weapons of choice they love, the killing of a life. You paint the possibility. This is certainly a different vein of your poetry, Craig!

I did trip up a bit on these two lines. Didn’t seem to flow as well as the others:

“The sense one receives from doing a job well
Is hypnotic like being put under a spell” (Maybe a comma after hypnotic? To give a slight pause)

On to the next dark poem… 🙂
Write On!


Thank you Rebecca yes definitely another aspect to writing I like to explore this darker side occasionally and thanks for the pick up I will fix that cheers

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Craig

To me you’ve captured the dark thoughts that bring a sort of perverse pleasue that one would find in a psychopath’s mind. Well done.

Take care and stay safe,


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