My Green Heaven



As winter releases it’s icy grip, and sun’s kiss warms the ground,
my hands plunge into rich, dark earth, to spread the seeds around.
I tuck the germinated seeds inside their earthly beds,
and patiently I wait to see them rear their lovely heads.

Newborn leaves of velvet green, soak up the sun’s bright rays,
reaching for the bright, blue sky to greet the golden blaze.
The longing in my troubled soul is gentled and renewed,
as each new bud and flowering shoot, a miracle, protrudes.

When at last a bloom appears, the magic can be heard,
in every bee who buzzes by, and hum of hummingbirds.
My nurturing and loving care creates this wondrous place.
Bee Balm, and chrysanthemum and the pretty pansy face.

Waiting for the winter’s chill, my patience at an end.
I cannot wait to feel rich earth between my hands again.
My yard is pure serenity from heaven up above,
and all I do is help a bit by showering it with love.

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Lisa, beautiful work. I love gardening, but I’m more into vegetables. Once I dig up my sweet potatoes, I’m doe for the winter. I’m already making plans for spring, deciding what to plant, ad how much.

One nit: “As winter releases it’s (its) icy grip…”

Write on!!!


MMMMMmmmm your poem helps me feel the rich earth beneath my own fingertips, and I miss it so, as I live in an apartment now. I do help my father plant his garden in the spring, but it’s not quite the same as flower and plant gardening, you know? I love the flowers… A sweet write full of love for the earth.

Tim Hillebrant


Aww, Gee, Lisa, we’ve not even finished autumn yet, and you’ve already got me looking forward to the photographic opportunities of next spring!!

Well done!!



Thank you, Tim. I can’t wait until I can afford to get myself a REAL camera because like you, I have the photo bug and LOVE taking pics. My thing is urban exploring and there are SO many abandoned places in my city to photograph.

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