My Dog Dances


My dog dances when she walks,
pretty Pom prances.
Puffy chest, plumy tail,
pixie smile, doggie talk.


My dog loves me with her eyes,
half-closed, blinky lashes
paws on lap, ears perked.
Whiskered mouth, baby-cry.


My dog is a jumping-jack,
bouncy butt, airborne mutt,
pretty feet, furry sweet.
Laughing eyes, Pom surprise.

© 2016, RissRyker518. All rights reserved.
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reigny dai


I like this, a lot! Describing her as a jumping jack is different and gave me a clear and cheerful picture of your dancing dog.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good afternoon, Riss

Great read! You’ve captured the feeling of one who loves every aspect of her pet dog. You mentioned love through the dog’s eyes. I’ve read some research regarding this matter and the experts say this is quite possible. I have two dogs who stare at me with their wide eyes.

Take care and stay safe,




I read the same thing! Dogs tell us they love us with their eyes. My Pomeranian used to stare at me with eyes half closed and he would blink them slowly at me. I SWEAR he was saying he loves me. (I lost my little boy 2 months ago from Lyme disease).


Adorable! Great poem – made me smile. Love those dogs!

I like your cadence in the first two stanzas, where line one and four rhymed, but you got away from that in the last verse; not sure if that was intentional.

Wonderful poem – write more!

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