Pomeranian Pretty


Lingering gaze, soft and brown,
tucked under lashes impossibly long.
Sweetness portrayed, beguiling smile,
Lay with me, love and stay awhile.

Protectively curled, fast asleep,
snoring and dreaming, soft and deep.
Crickets chirping, moon is high,
my soul is content with your presence nearby.

Sky turns light, sun kisses the east.
Wet tongue on my eyelids, soft and sweet.
undaunted, sleep lingers, he nuzzles my ear,
Pomeranian pretty, he paws at my hair.

Morning has broken, cool and bright,
my best friend and I snuggled all through the night.
Licking my face, my lovable beast,
barking and jumping till I get the leash.

Author Notes

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Marcia Yearwood


Adorable, just adorable, Lisa! I can picture him well in your touching words. I completely understand the love we have for our pets; they’re really like family members! Write on.

BTW, why do some folks call you “Riss?”

Lisa Doesburg


Thank you so much, Marcia! I use the name Riss Ryker when I write. I don’t even know why my real name (which i hate, lol) is listed. I don’t care, really, but when I write articles or other publications, I usually use Riss.

Tim Hillebrant


Nicely done, Riss. Reminds me of the dogs I have, and the one’s I’ve had before. Great animals, dogs. They’re there for you when no one else is, and want only to please you in ways only they can.

Lisa Doesburg


Just getting around to replying, Tim, my apologies. Thanks for the read! I love dogs. I have never been without at least one. I have three; two Pomeranians and a Pitbull rescue. I tell everyone not to wear black clothes to my house if they don’t like fur!

Anisa Claire


Excellent poem, full of description and emotion. One thing that I didn’t like was that in the beginning, you start off talking to the dog, and by the end you’re talking about him in the third person.

he paws at my hair. – you paw at my hair (for example, would be more fitting)

Otherwise, great job!




I don’t know how i missed your name on this, Anisa, but i apologize. That is definitely one of my weak points. Staying in correct format. Thank you for pointing that and reminding me to watch out for that.


For the love of a dog… 🙂 I have my own wonderful beautiful beast. You made your visuals sing in your stanza’s, and I feel the love. 🙂 Very nice poem, Lisa.

Write On!

Lisa Doesburg


Thank you so much for reading! I know this sounds corny, but when I tried to read this to my daughter, I got all choked up. Omg, that dog stole my soul…

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