Morning Chatter

Cockatoos in trees


Chatter of birds filling the still morn air
raucous greetings they call to each other
while flitting between trees without a care
buzzing insects these calls try to smother

A ritual every dawn mine to share
renewed each day my morning fare
drinking my coffee while they start their day
a rapt audience I enjoy the play

Author Notes

This time an Italian style of poetry the Rispetto
The Rispetto is a poem in an octave, made up of 2 quatrains.
most often written in iambic tetrameter
or it can be syllabic with lines between 8 and 12 syllables.
it can be rhymed abab ccdd or abab abcc or abab cddc
As you can see I have followed the abab ccdd style here with the syllabic count between 8 and 12

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Thanks for your review Becky, we have storm birds here that make a sing song type of whistle early in the morning not sure if you have them in North America but if you do it could be them. Cheers


I did notice the two different rhyming quatrains right away. I didn’t realize this was an actual poetry form until I read your notes. The Rispetto. Very cool!

When I get home at 4:30 am in the morning after a night at work, I take my dog for a potty break. There are always birds whistling. Not chattering, but sing-song whistles with two different tones. What kind of birds would those be?

Sounds like a beautiful scene to start the day with some playful chatter and flight. Nice job, Craig.

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