Dwelling on the happenings of the day,
the year,
my life.
Soft whispers of change,
reflections of past and present.
Layers continually being shed from my being,
others taking their place,
like a new skin
I continually grow.
Moments and flashbacks,
subtle blatant reminders
of what I was
and what I am to be.
Allowing new senses
to be awakened and studied,
watching others die
and fall away.
There is always new life to be given
for one who will seek it,
loss can often be a blessing
as the pain is eventually washed away
by new roads, and open doors
that were not visible before.
Eyes will be opened,
for one who will see.
For one who listens,
ears will hear.
Healing is given,
to those who would ask.
The glass is half full…

©2013 Rebecca Braun

© 2016, Rebecca Braun. All rights reserved.
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