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Hello Carnival Goers,

A lot of us our visually driven, regardless of how much we love to read or love writing for ‘just the writing’. It’s a natural reaction to be drawn to images or colours.  This applies to your posts on Writer’s Carnival, too.

Of course, the main focus IS the writing, but to help draw attention to your post… why not add a picture?

Do me a favour and check out this page:

Then come back and check out this page:

Notice the difference between the posts with a picture and the ones without? The posts with pictures stand out a lot more, don’t they?  So here’s how to add a picture...


The featured image is a photo option you can choose to be displayed to head up your Post.

  1. Go to FEATURED IMAGE in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Drag and drop your chosen image file onto the page or click the Upload button to choose from your personal files.
  4. After you do this one time you will have begun to create your own Media Library. From now on, when you click on SET FEATURED IMAGE, your Media Library will open.  From here, you can choose from collected images or Upload new ones.
  5. You will see this image at the top of your Post on the POST FOR REVIEW page.


Give it a shot! Put up a new post today, and, of course, be sure to review four other posts before you do.  Looking forward to seeing you all posting again. Post any questions or comments you have down below.

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4 Comments for “Make your Post Pop!”

Tim Hillebrant


Hey Anisa,

I’ve found since I’ve begun adding pictures to my posts, I get more reads on them. And, since I use my own pics most often, I get the double benefit of exposure for my photography. Must say I’m down with that!! LOL

I appreciate this post, and that you wrote it. Nicely done!!


Dave Allen


A picture doesn’t make a story any better, but people are visual – it will catch attention and draw more eyes to your story. I always add a photo to my posts here or to my blog.


I’m one of those hypocrites who DOES judge a book by its cover, and as they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Images convey many messages, just as language can, though their words are universal. I think its pretty clear that I think they’re only beneficial in complimenting a piece of writing.

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