Can you see beyond the darkness.  Is there enough strength to see beyond a world of fear.

Is there enough love to soothe the sharpness.  Do you love or do you simply hold things near.

Is there a road beyond the obsessions. The addictions.  The empty holes.

Is it safer to have no emotion.  To live in misery.  To have no soul.

Once I sensed a deeper calling.  I felt a rock of stability and passionate power.  A fiery yearning.  Such joy in learning.  Now the embers are burning on the cold, cold ground.

The emptiness is nauseous.  All that can fill it is money and gold.  Wealth is squandered.  So shortly pondered.  A good life is waiting, but swiftly thrown away.  All is lost anticipating the next fix, the next toy, the next house.   Cat and mouse.

Beauty is all around you.  Yet, senses elude you.  Touch will somehow screw you.  Passion would unglue you.

Speaking of the past is forbidden.  Here and now is what is given.  Emotions dare not be driven.  Desolation and destruction your only minion.

If a man is lost, a man can be found.  If a man is free, he doesn’t need to be bound to empty hearts and empty souls.  It is within his power to choose his way, day by day, and inch by inch.  Till love is more than just a pinch.

To be awake and mindfully seek the inner life, the inner tweak.  To savor sweetness over bleakness.  To taste the love that is given to you.  To talk, to laugh, to love.  This is what the world is made of.  Who is watching that has a care.  Who forbids you pleasures and prayer.  Who holds the keys to the chain and the snare. 

Live a new life.  If you dare.

© 2016, Rebecca Braun. All rights reserved.
The author has granted, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Author Notes

Going through some past writings and trying to organize and make sense of it all. Letters and poems to Jim.

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Anisa Claire


There is a lot to think about in this, Rebecca, and I can tell its come from an emotional place. I enjoyed the read. I wonder if some of your lines shouldn’t end with question marks, though? And this line kind of threw me out of the moment ” A good life is waiting, but swiftly thrown away. ” Seemed… out of place.

Otherwise, I quite liked it!



Well done, Becky! The hardest thing a man (or woman) can do is try to start on a new path, whether because of cowardice or weakness. Most of us don’t even consider the possibility there’s a second path.

Somebody said it: “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on”

Great write. No nits, but I wonder whether you should exchange the periods for question marks in the beginning. This looking more like poetry than prose, I throw it to writer’s prerogative.


It never even occurred to me to use question marks… how strange! lol I think I wanted the phrases to be pondered and maybe even fall a bit cold and flat. I didn’t want to mess it up with all those question marks, I guess. I don’t really know why I didn’t use them. It could be done. Thank you for your thoughts on the poem/prose. 🙂



Awesome, Rebecca! Bravo! I had to read this thrice as to not miss one word. Very unique, incredible style, but the words, THE WORDS! This poem touched my soul…

Tim Hillebrant


Nicely done, Becky!

You’ve waded through the bullsh*t and laid things on the line.
People are often entrapped by nothing more than fears and fallacies kept within their heart and mind. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to things like taking chances- especially when it comes to love.

Well written, well said!


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