Liking Autumn


I love the crunch beneath my boots,

Crisp mornings and coloured trees.

Fingerless gloves and owl hoots,

Long scarves down to my knees.

Conkers burst their spiked armour,

Spill their seeds for conker wars.

Scarlet and golden paint a scene,

To cover paths and forest floors.

Without Autumn there’d be no respite

a harvest moon would not appear.

No Halloween or cosy suppers

To bring us all our Autumn cheer.

Author Notes

An Autumn indulgence, is it too cheesey?

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reigny dai


It’s not cheesy at all. Your descriptions were vivid and true of fall. I loved the image of knee-length scarves. The first comma in the filth line tripped me up, but everything else read smoothly.

I saw conker and thought conifer. I searched conker and learned it’s a horse chestnut and, add an S, and conkers is a game. Who knew? Not I. Conkers reminded me of another game, tetherball.

Thanks for this piece. May you enjoy many cozy autumn suppers.

Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Ellen
Though we’re on different continents, your images of autumn were spot on. One could feel your delight at experiencing what fall brings. Enjoyed.

A question and a possible spag:

Questions: What are Conkers?

Spag: Conkers burst their(,) spiked armour,

Take care and stay safe,



Hi Raymond, the picture above shows Conkers, they come from the Horse Chesnut tree and are unedible unlike the sister tree (sweet chesnut). if you look you will see they are before they fall covered in a pliable thick spiked shell. Kids collect them and hang them on string or a leather thong and have conker fights (banging nut against nut in a snatchingg motion. The winner is the child with the whole conker at the end.

Gregory Shipman


So Ellen, You’ve captured that Autumn feel… that betwixt and between… I’m drawn to the feel and texture of this poem. You set the tone with descriptive words and phrases one can easily identify…

We had Autumn on the third Tuesday in September… we marveled because it lasted 18 whole hours… not that I’m complaining… I’m way too busy shivering!


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