Light and Dark

You ask me, “Why?”

Why do the nice people always get hurt?

I answer, “I don’t know.”

But, the question continues to lurk.


I think it’s our energy

Light attracts darkness

Sparks and flames are exciting, at first

They hope it will rub off on them


Selfish darkness needs comfort and hope

Light is a giver, a healer of pain

Pain sucks us dry, and the light disappears

Smothered by darkness and replaced by fears


We want to heal, but instead, we enable

Adapting to their needs, neglecting our own

When our glow has been extinguished

Darkness moves on to find a fresh source of radiance

Author Notes

8 Comments for “Light and Dark”

Tim Hillebrant


Brilliant piece, Becky!!

Psychic vampires are real- we know them by the way we always feel drained after interacting with them. Been there done that. A lot.

Well done!!


Psychic Vampires…lol That is what they are, I guess. I call them “pain bodies” as described by Eckhart Tolle in his book The New Earth. When you come across one, you can actually feel the heaviness in the room. Even when they seem happy, their heaviness weighs on you. We all have pain bodies inside us, I think. Triggers, that get us going and feed anger and pain.

Thanks for reading!

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