It’s Been a Damn Good Year


Spring Morning- Lake Lowell, ID, 2016

Howdy fellow writers!  What a year this has been.  Now I know, it’s not over yet, but we are now in the waning days of 2016.  Seems like yesterday, we were gearing up for spring, now it’s nearly time for snow to fly again.

We’re all writers here, but a lot of us also have other pursuits to hold/keep our interests.  One of mine is photography, and for me, it’s been a good year indeed.

While yes, my writing has suffered some, I’ve been able to get a lot by way of ideas for stories, settings, cultures, as well as flora and fauna to put in those stories.

As a thank you to you, the writers who continued to support me while I was out doing my thing, I wanted to share a little with you of my other world.  It’s a series of shots, all taken this year, of places in and around Idaho, including a photo of yours truly.

Here’s hoping the coming colder months gives us all more time to read, write, and enjoy those around us.  Time is the train that never stops- best to enjoy the ride while we’re on it.

Peace and Blessings



Abstract look at Marbles



Great Basin Rattlesnake


Mountain Bluebird


After the Burn- the road into Lowman, Idaho, after the 2016 Pioneer fire.


Good Morning, Badger!  


A Bridge to the Heavens (McGuffy Bridge, Celebration Park, Idaho


Bruneau Canyon, Owyhee County, Idaho


City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho


Bridge over the Payette River, near Payette, Idaho.


Me and my daughter, Sandy  August 2016


Portrait of an Autistic Child- my daughter, Sandy.


The Awesomeness that is my wife, Gwen.  Sitting with me, while I get pictures of the stars.


My wife and the Milky Way


The Milky Way, our home.  “Everything that is, ever was, or ever will be, came from the heavens.  We are all made of Star Stuff”  Dr. Carl Sagan 1934-1996


Ready for Lightspeed?  Punch it, Chewie!  

Author Notes

A little thank you to my friends.

Photo critiques/comments welcome!!

All photos taken/shared here are copyright Tim Hillebrant Photography. All rights reserved.

17 Comments for “It’s Been a Damn Good Year”


Tim, beautiful, this. You are a fantastic photographer, and have a wonderful knack for looking at the bright side of life. Thanks for picking up my evening.


Oh, and yeah… no nits.

Anisa Claire


Hey Tim!

So glad to hear you’ve had a great year. Your pictures are gorgeous. I especially like the star ones. Looking forward to seeing more writing from you! Your family shots are beautiful, too.




Omg, Tim, I LOVED your photography!! We share the same loves. Your daughter looks sweet and special and God bless your whole family. I want so badly to go to a designated Dark Sky (closest to me is PA, I’m in NY). Thank you posting this wonderful eye candy.

Tim Hillebrant


Aww, thanks, Riss!!

I really appreciate your kind review. Photography is starting to take me places, and I’m grateful for what I’ve gained from it. Hopefully too, writing can do the same.

I’m Jealous- you have a Dark Sky close to you. The nearest one to me is in southern Utah.
Would be worth a trip, I suppose. Though there’s some areas here in Idaho I want to check out- no nearby cities/towns/farms to throw light into the sky.

Keep writing and with your photography!


Mary Cooney-Glazer


Your pictures are lovely, Tim. My favorites are ‘Abstract Marbles’ and ‘The Milky Way.’ Your tributes to your wife and daughter are touching. How nice that you can use your writing talent for captioning your photos! Mary


My absolute favorite is Abstract Marbles! Other favorites are Lightspeed, The Milky Way, and A Bridge to The Heavens! You are quite seductive with a camera, TimTim! When you have many talents you must make time for both, and sometimes one wins out over the other but balance will eventually come… Love reading your writes and viewing your pics.


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