Inter-Galactic Explorers (Episode 1)

July 20th 2085

Old West Gambling Hall

Las Vegas, NV


Blocks away from the glitz and glamour which is Sin City, sits a dilapidated casino called “Old West Gambling Hall”, home of retro casino games and the “unofficial” home of one James Lawton. James, often found wearing t-shirts of various colors, faded blue jeans and hiking boots, spends hours upon hours gambling, drinking cheap booze and smoking cigarettes along with other patrons who need not be known to the rest of the surrounding community.

On this particular day, an unexpected patron has entered the gambling hall and by the looks of it, does not appear to be a regular and by the uniform he is wearing, he most definitely does not fit in with the cliental that partake in legal gambling at this “fine” establishment. Grand Admiral Lu Tan of the Inter-Galactic Navy, however, is not at the gambling hall to place a bet, he is actually on official navy business, and his eyes scan the hall in search of one particular individual in question, James Lawton.  Grand Admiral Tan dressed as always in his Navy Dress Uniform, finally succeeds in his search for one Mr. Lawton and makes his way through the crowd to the bar on the far side of the hall where James is standing, smoking and drinking his life away.

The interest in James Lawton may seem far -fetched considering the state of his being at this particular moment in time. The shaggy beard, long hair and tattoo on both his arms, however, if you look into his background, you will find out that he was a well-respected member of the Inter-Galactic Navy some years back. Graduating from the Inter-Galactic Naval Academy in 2065 and becoming Captain in 2070, Lawton’s Naval Record was spotless. The Golden Road for James would soon come to a tragic end late in 2070 after soon becoming Captain and taking command of a proto-type starship called the UEC (United Earth Coalition) Albert Einstein. The UEC Einstein was the first Earth Starship with a Plasma Reactor Core that would make it the first craft to hit Warp 5. Stationed at Jupiter Shipping Yards, Lawton was to conduct the first short range mission with a crew of 185 on board. Tragedy struck as soon as the Plasma Core was initiated, the core breached and the ship exploded killing 150 crewman as well as damaging two other starships docked alongside and 15 dock workers. The weight of the destruction was too much for James to handle even though he was found innocent of any wrong doing, after the inspection was concluded; James resigned his commission and quickly blended into life back on Earth.

Ten years have passed and with every drink, every bet and every smoke, James drifts further into oblivion. Grand Admiral Tan could be the connection for James to turn his luck around, only if he will agree to the terms…. TO BE CONTINUED

Author Notes

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reigny dai


Your title caught my attention, because it made me think of Star Trek The Next Generation. I like the admiral’s name, because it sounds like Wu-Tang, as in the Wu-Tang Clan.

If you break up some of the longer sentences they will be easier for the reader to digest. Watch out for adverbs, such as “actually” and adjectives, like “particular.” If you remove them and the sentence makes sense, it’s a good chance you don’t need them.

“… place a bet. He is on official navy business, and his eyes scan the hall in search of one individual, James Lawton.”

“… place a bet, he is actually on official navy business, and his eyes scan the hall in search of one particular individual in question, James Lawton.

Good job leaving the reader wondering what the terms are. Cliffhangers make good page-turners. I also wonder if James is an alcoholic. Hmmmm

I’m looking forward to reading more.

Eric McChesney


Thank you so very much for reading this, I am excited about this series and glad it caught your attention. It warms the heart that you read this story. I mostly write poetry, but, I have this story that needs to be written.

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