Instant Karma

P. E. class was over, and the group of thirteen year old girls were busy finishing up the task of getting dressed after a quick shower.  One girl, Cindy, was moving a little slower than the rest.  Her skin, already fair, was pale even for her.  From the corner of the locker room, Sherry watched, waiting for her chance.  She didn’t like Cindy, she hadn’t ever since Cindy and her best friend, Rendi, got her brother in trouble when her brother said he wanted to beat them up for not letting him take them to the Harvest Dance.  Cindy tried to explain she wasn’t going with any boys, that she and Rendi were just going for the fun of it, but neither Sherry nor her brother, Ricky, listened.  Since that day in October, the group, who had once been friends, were now enemies.

Since then, Sherry and her brother had made a habit of putting Cindy and Rendi through a series of petty torments, much like what Sherry had planned for today, if only Cindy would move a little faster.  Even now, Cindy sat down on the bench, cradling her tummy.  Rendi sat next to her, putting an arm around her friend.  After a moment, Cindy nodded, and the girls put on their shoes.  When they stood up, each girl picked up their bag of gym clothes and headed for the stairs.  Sherry saw her chance.

She sprinted ahead of the girls, then turned around, blocking their way up the stairs and out of the locker room.  “Where are you going?”

“To class, where do you think?” Cindy asked.  Her glassy eyes made Sherry think the girl was going to cry.  How sweet would that be?

“I think you need to pay me to get by.” Sherry said, pushing Cindy back down a step.

“I’m not paying you anything.  Besides, I don’t have any money.  Please, just let me by.  I don’t want to be late for class.”

“Come on, Sherry,” added Rendi, “you’ll be late too.  You don’t want to be tardy, do you?”  Rendi didn’t look very hopeful, instead her eyes moved towards her friend.

“What if I want you to be late?” Sherry asked.

“Sherry, please, I don’t feel good, can’t you just move?”


“Sherry, move.  Please!”

An evil grin spread on Sherry’s dark hair framed face, she leaned forward again, taking a deep breath, when the unthinkable happened.  Cindy opened her mouth and threw up all over Sherry.
The other girls, gathering to see what was going on, leapt back in a flurry.  No one wanted to be splattered with sick.

Cindy threw up again, and started crying.  She really wasn’t feeling well, and all she wanted now was to go home.  Rendi helped her friend past a very startled and smelly Sherry as they moved by.  The bully broke out in tears, running for the showers.  Rendi and Cindy went upstairs to the office so Cindy could call her parents to come pick her up.  One of the other girls who witnessed the incident said, “It’s too bad Sherry didn’t pay attention, Cindy’s been sick all day.  She got what was coming to her, didn’t she?”  The other girls nodded, and one piped up, “My mom says when something like that happens, it’s called instant karma.”  The rest nodded, and laughed.  Sherry, meanwhile, could be heard turning on the showers.

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Lisa Doesburg


I think all bullies should get a little visit from Miss Karma. Great write, I can truly relate to this story. My daughter was the victim of constant bullying in school and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching someone you love come and cry in their room after a stressful day of being the victim of bullies.


A beautiful photograph that I recognise as your own from your website, beautifully paired with your story of a bullies comeuppance. Girls can be much more spiteful than boys. Probably because it is borne from jealousy. A strong believable write Tim, well done.

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