In This Moment

It was a moment.  Just one moment, taken purely on chance upon meeting your eyes across the room.  You smiled, and chills went down my spine.  When I looked away, my stomach plunged to my feet to find you gone, only to look up again to see you standing next to me.

No words were needed, not even one.  Your hands sought mine, even my lips hungered to feel yours.  Then you kissed me, right there in that crowded dining hall.  The taste of your kiss, the feel of your breath on my neck as your teeth nibbled my ear.  A gentle tug was all it took.

We found the empty banquet hall, and the quiet corner in the back.  You folded me in your arms and pulled me with you slowly to the floor.  Lips kissing, teeth nibbling, hands caressing, it wasn’t long before our clothes were off, and our bodies entwined in a heated embrace.

We were engaged in a lover’s dance.  Proceeding by instinct alone, as our minds were both abandoned by coherent thought.  The feel of your legs around me, sweat slicked skin trying to cool the heat we created between us.  The only sounds were us together, dancing to the beats of our hearts to the music of the moment, our moment, when only we two existed in the universe.

When the moment faded, after a crashing crescendo of moans and release, our bodies cooled under the light draft of the darkened room.  Our breaths came back to us, but as I lay in glorious wonder at what we’d just shared, you kissed me once more, stood up, dressed quickly, and left.

The pain of watching you go, ignoring my calls to wait, was agonizing.  As was the note in my pocket.  I wonder every day at who you are, where you went, and what became of you.  It hurts all the more, because I still don’t even know your name.

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reigny dai


Excellent on many levels. I didn’t expect them to be strangers. Their passion gave the impression of a spontaneous encounter between a couple who had the hots for each other. No words truly capture the agony of a call that never comes. (sigh)

Julie Jackson


Nicely done. Very heated and intense. I was kinda hoping for a happy ending, too, though! Eh well- still very sexy. 🙂

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