In Norway

High on the Hardangervidda plateau

Three hundred and twenty-three reindeer huddled

Against the maddening rain when lightning speared

Into the ground and

Spread its electric current though the dirt towards the animals

Climbing through their hooves and legs and bodies

Quitting their collective heartbeat

As the last of the three hundred and twenty three

Slumped into the grass and the moss and the lichens

He thought

Am I dying?

I must be dying

For the wages of sin is death

What is my sin?

What is sin?

Do I have a soul?

Is there a heaven?

Will I be welcome there?

It is finished.

© 2016, Dave Allen. All rights reserved.
The author has granted, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

Author Notes

Been diving heavily into poetry lately. One of my first efforts.

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Tim Hillebrant


Great dabble, Dave!
The dark questions asked by the reindeer remind me a lot of stories often told using animals in place of people to make the point and drive it home. I think you did a good job of that here. Well done!!



After I got past pronouncing your first line (the name of the plateau is sheer poetry) I felt a spiritual connection with the reindeer and their plight. The questioning of the last reindeer is stirring. This poem is one to ponder and you have done an exceptional job in writing . I look forward to reading more.

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