I See You In The ICU

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Raymond Tobaygo


Good morning, Reigny

Interesting take of one’s experience in the ER. Excellent use of how you incorporated the medical terminology into your poem.. Enjoyed.

Take care and stay safe,


reigny dai


Good morning, Raymond

Thank you. I use my experiences and those of others. Every event is a piece of writing in the making. I’m delighted you enjoyed it.

I shall. You do the same.


Larry Pierce


Great use of mnemonics. I don’t know a lot of medical terms but this seems to be a great way to remember them.

reigny dai


Thank you. Medical terms are “regular” words that can be learned by most people, and I’m all about helping others learn.

Gregory Shipman


Wait… wait… one second… okay, I’m back… had to get my medical dictionary… the nice thing about poetry is you can say so much with so little… unlike other avenues where people say so little with so much (politics anyone?)

Nicely done!

reigny dai


Lol. Ok. Ok. Get your handy dandy medical dictionary. True. In a few lines or words, poetry can make its point. Politics? Ugh!


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