I Hear the Dream

I hear the dream,

listening, it tells me

a tale.


The road has many stones,

and you must gather, the stones

that make you feel




and loved.


Your beauty will shine

when all you know

is balanced in time.


The magic of your soul

will lift you to the heavens,

if light be your goal.


Hands that will give

love to others

will let you live,


and love will find you

intertwining with the path,

the universal view.


Let music be your guide

the pen be raised,

the Lord be praised.


Don’t fear your shadow,

follow all that is light.

Don’t miss your chance,

listen long into the night.


I hear the dream,

am I strong enough

to follow the call?


There will be no answer

until you choose

to risk it all.

Author Notes

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I liked this spiritual trip well done Rebecca cheers


I used varied cadences in this poem, and found I liked it that way. Did you feel the flow was good in this format? I do like free-style poetry but also want the cadences to flow.

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